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Dictatorship happy ending

Solution without war for terrible dictatorships like North Korea
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An organization that allows current dictators and a small group around them of family and friends to dismantle the dictatorship, while receiving amnesty from any charges - as long as their country is totally free of them and their regime, and as long as they clearly show all the records of their former wrongdoing - so that the public will loathe them and never appoint them again.

They must send their children to normal schools after receiving proper psychological assistance. If the spouses or children wish to live separately, they must allow this.

They are banned from doing any sort of big business, and must give up their money.

In return, they will receive a large mansion in a nice neighborhood of a city in the US (that the organization selects in advance for them, their neighbors will be other former dictators from other countries) and free tickets to Disney World and all movie houses for life. Also free frozen yogurt, and Pizza deliveries for life, from the nearby suppliers of their choice. Also organic food, and a team of home cleaners cooks and others, giving them the feeling that they never gave up on "the good times".

There would be millions of people willing to donate for this purpose.

Oh, and this should not be expected from any country or from the UN - they are all filled with interests of "who gets the power - in the aftermath". Whereas according to this solution, the regime will see to it, upon leaving, that its people are free to decide. Otherwise they loose the deal.

The incentive is the dictator's fear of an ending like Saddam's, Milosevic or Qhaddaffi (pr. Ghaddaffi).

In some cases (where a minority tribe or faction is ruling, like the Serbs, Hutu, Sunni Muslims, Allawies, whites etc.) this solution may not work, without involving the people of the fighting parties.

But for North Korea, and its millions of people, suffering and under incomprehensible life-threatening conditions, this should be IMMEDIATELY implemented. Since no one is willing to do anything else.

At the same time, I hereby call for an international volunteer army to free the country by a switf and well thought out combined military + civilian rehab action, so that the North Korean soldiers have the positive incentive to give up. I'm in.

pashute, Dec 03 2013

Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership http://en.wikipedia..._African_Leadership
Not exactly the same but this prize is for African leaders who retire peacefully [lepton, May 06 2014]


       //They are banned from doing any sort of big business, and must give up their money.//   

       It's not a conflict between communism and capitalism, but monopoly capitalism and antitrust capitalism, the communists are the resistant capitalized social of the major monopoly capitalist family in North Korea, and the corporation of the monopolized social of the PRC. Antitrust capitalist economies that forbid total monopoly of the social, a domain including people and technology, and their relationships, support diversification in a competitive marketplace, and an entire system of inducements to attain social capital in various forms. This differs from monopoly capitalist countries that have been revolutionarily overthrown and instituted with a "people's" system or corporation that still maintains the spirit of the revolution.
rcarty, Dec 03 2013

       If I were a dictator who'd killed off my enemies, and murdered/tortured their families - I'd want more protection than'd be offered in a NY suburb - maybe a small highly militarised island, and a small flotilla of nuclear vessels patrolling the seas around the place. Plus, Walt Disney, meh.
Zeuxis, Dec 03 2013

       //giving them the feeling that they never gave up on "the good times". //   

       I imagine they would miss the sense of vast power as much as the pampered lifestyle. Maybe this Happy Ending plan should also include a lifetime board member position in the neighborhood HOA.
swimswim, Dec 03 2013

       This is the seed for a great comedy series.
Kansan101, Dec 03 2013

       I would like to think it would work, but a customized package is needed. What would work with one dictator isn't going to work with every dictator.   

       Will the snow come early this year?
popbottle, Dec 03 2013

       So you've outlined the carrot in reasonable detail. Where's the stick?
Alterother, Dec 03 2013

       They would be killed, and knowing this, they would not take the deal.
tatterdemalion, Dec 04 2013

       I think it's a "What do you give the bloodthirsty dictator who has everything?" problem.   

       They already have mansions. Saddam Hussein had 75 "palaces". I just did a little web search and yea, palaces is probably a better description of these things than mansions. He had the taste of a pimp, but they were huge.   

       Point is, dictators already have everything they want. I think at that level, the thirst for power over others is a disease best treated by generous application of precision guided munitions.
doctorremulac3, Dec 04 2013

       Weren't their any decent dictators who didn't have the disease of thirsting for power over others though?   

       There must be some way to ensure that those with absolute authority are not corrupted by it.   

       What if, in order to assume the role of dictator one is sworn to poverty?
That should eliminate more than ninety percent of the applicants.

       " the thirst for power over others is a disease best treated by generous application of precision guided munitions. "   

       Talk to [8th]. I think he could help with this. I agree...
normzone, Dec 04 2013

       Currently they are afraid they will end up like Saddam and Qhadaffi (pronounced Ghadaffi), or Slobodan Milosevic (pronounced Slow-bow-dan Miloshevich). That's the stick (answering: [Alter other])   

       So this is a personally safe solution for them.   

       Another problem is when they represent a tribe or faction - the Serbs, the Allawies, the Hutu, the Sunni Muslims, the whites etc. In that case, the tribe needs to receive safety, which is more difficult to achieve.   

       But, in shaky cases, I'm not sure the dictator would care - and would probably opt for this. I know for a fact that in Ethiopia, some of the leading blood-thirsty leaders where paid off under Menegistu's leadership to release the Betha-Israel Jews to Israel, and receive a safe haven for themselves in Washington DC.   

       Mainly, this idea should be implemented with North Korea.   

       It should be done IMMEDIATELY, and every minute counts for the lives of MILLIONS of people who are living in incomprehensible conditions, in North Korea.
pashute, Dec 04 2013

       Banning from big business - in order to prevent their continued impact on the world.   

       This idea of course WILL NOT work for the underground, drug-dealing, porn and sex-slave warlords. For that, a different solution is needed.
pashute, Dec 04 2013

       //This is the seed for a great comedy series.//   

       Or a reality TV show. After all, they're used to seeing their faces on the national media.   

       "At Home with the Kims"?
Wrongfellow, Dec 04 2013

       Slightly disappointed that this idea is not using the phrase "happy ending" in the sense in which it is used, or so I have heard, by certain massage establishments.
hippo, Dec 04 2013

       I like the stick: if you're a bad boy, we shoot you. No carrot.   

       Better yet, do proffer the carrot. See the carrot? Come get it, that's a nice strongarm dictator. Come get your retirement package!   


       I call it Tasty Carrot, Hidden Stick.
Alterother, Dec 04 2013

       That would work exactly once.   

       What you need to do is to find a way to gradually remove them from reality without their knowing it. Give them some kind of bed-ridden injectible disease that keeps them watching some kind of newsfeed to communicate with the rest of their country, as played by convincing actors. Slowly reveal their new condition as being trapped in a prison, and towards the end, show them their actual country, having moved on since their lapse, as well as the needle that gave them the disease.
RayfordSteele, Dec 04 2013

       Rayford's idea is funny. It is known that the Sung Il's like watching movies.   

       On the other hand, it won't save all those millions of people. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow, these people are suffering. That's not 2 people. Not three. Not ten. Not a hundred.
pashute, May 07 2014


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