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Flagstick, a new sport.

A sport I invented with my brother one Sunday afternoon.
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My brother and I devised this 'sport' after kicking our football into a main road and watching it get run over. We then played it for the whole Summer.

The equipment: Two garden bamboo canes (professional flagstick players would use graphite sticks), an old tent (again professionals would use some kind of light weight canvas, weighted on one side), a log stuck vertically into the ground (professionals would use a log stuck into the ground.

The game: Individuals, or small teams compete in a beautiful battle of grace, power and tactics. The object is to take your flag from one end of the field to the other and drape it over the vertical log. You get points (or kudos) for intricate stickwork and flagmanship. You can pass it around, or try and run it alone. The opposing team can steal the flag using their sticks. The winner is the team who accrue the most, lord knows, home logs?

I had alot of fun with this in my back garden. Anyone?

Moseph, May 16 2008


       Could be fun.   

       [+] on the condition that the old tent (or weighted canvas) is on fire.
sninctown, May 16 2008

       The added element of danger could make it exciting, although it might be straying into circus/performance territory - which is not a territory I wish to be in.
Moseph, May 16 2008

       You've invented "Capture The Flag"?
Amos Kito, May 16 2008

       This is a stick based sport, very back and forth. There are no war game style tactics. It has the pace of basketball and the elegance of a martial art. My name is Amos too.
Moseph, May 16 2008

       //My name is Amos too.//
Cool! We can have an entire teamful of Amoses.
Amos Kito, May 16 2008

       Sounds good. The only problem is that Amos is generally an old mans name, our geriatric team might not do so well.
Moseph, May 16 2008

       I'm a fan of improvised games... I've managed a few of my own. This sounds fun [+]   

       //Amos is generally an old mans name// Algorithmically determined names are that way -->
daseva, May 16 2008

       It is better than your average poke in the eye with a wooden stick.
4whom, May 16 2008

       [Moseph], I made up a game last Summer called Bucket-Stick. It's more of a show-piece sport, played between two people attempting to pull off tricks as they throw a bucket from the end of a broom handle to be caught by your partner on the end of a broom handle.   

       It is surprisingly good fun and we are hopefully going to film a short music video of it soon. I shall post to your idea if we ever get it done.   

       Bunnage. [+]
theleopard, May 16 2008

       This really sounds like a lot of fun. I am definitely going to get a game of flagstick going.   

       Kids would need to wear goggles.   

       We used to play a spear game with lengths of pipe insulation weighted on the end with a tennis ball (it was taped on with duct tape, padded with a rag, and taped again).   

       No flinching. A hit in the torso was a point and an extra throw. We used to have tournaments.   

       You could have a whole kit of these games and sell them on the badminton/croquet aisle.
nomocrow, May 16 2008

       Good work theleopard Bucket stick sounds as though it has similar properties to Flagstick - is there a way to combine the two?   

       nomocrow- goggles are a good idea, I almost has my frickin' eye out many times. Can there be a way to incorporate the sado-masochistic elements of your game?
Moseph, May 16 2008

       Probably, but your game is pretty elegant. I like the simplest things.   

       BTW - the pipe insulation spears don't really hurt.
nomocrow, May 19 2008

       ah... improvised games. I remember the days of "sock ball", "the run-across game", and "shed shingle frisbee olympics" fondly.
napoleonbag, May 20 2008

       Details? Rules?
nomocrow, May 20 2008


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