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City Streets Soccer Game

Instread of a field, game is played on a cordoned off section of a city.
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Similar to how they close down streets for the running of the bulls in Spain, a section of the city is dedicated to a soccer match where the players kick the balls through the streets, sidewalks, over bridges even into and out of businesses that agree to be open to the game by having their doors open and placing a sign indicating it's okay to play soccer in their premisis.

The reason a business might do this is the cameras would follow the action through their business and say nice things about it for some advertising. The announcers would have a script to say nice things about the business as an advertising gimmic,

"And the ball is stolen, taken into Happy Time Ice Cream, over 200 flavors and, oh wait, stolen back and kicked into Dream Weaver Hair Pieces For Men, Tops in covering your top, and back onto the street towards the main street overpass..."

doctorremulac3, Nov 15 2021

https://en.wikipedi.../Uppies_and_Downies [pocmloc, Nov 15 2021]

Terry Pratchett has covered this ground pretty well. https://en.m.wikipe.../Unseen_Academicals
[pertinax, Nov 15 2021]


       //cordoned off section of a city//
Amateurs... Play WHILE the city lives around you (but still with all the permissions, open doors etc.).
"Excellent use of a moving vehicle to deflect the ball down a side-street!"
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 15 2021

       Now THAT'S some TicTock challenge material. I'd watch it. Be shaking my head and saying "Oh the humanity!" the whole time but I'd watch it.
doctorremulac3, Nov 15 2021

       I think this is how soccer was invented. See link for an example
pocmloc, Nov 15 2021

       //I thought...// As my grandfather used to say, you know what thought did, stuck a feather in his arse and thought he could fly.   

       But to be serious for a few seconds, you are conflating "how" and "why".   

       How was football invented? Medieval people logged onto the halfbakery and read this idea, which gave them the idea of playing football through the streets.   

       Why was football invented? To keep boys from wanking. Hence the indisputable fact that no boy has wanked since the year 1500 approx.
pocmloc, Nov 15 2021

       //shaking my head and saying "Oh the humanity!" the whole time but I'd watch it//   

       You might enjoy Australian Rules, then, [dr3]; the violence of rugby with the speed of basketball.
pertinax, Nov 16 2021

       <old joke> //no boy has wanked since 1500 approx// - amazing - and it's nearly 4 o'clock now! </old joke>
hippo, Nov 16 2021

       //the violence of rugby with the speed of basketball//   

       Those aussies know how to have fun.
doctorremulac3, Nov 16 2021


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