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Extra Net

for a more complex defense
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Give each team an extra net-- not a new goal, just a regular goal net-- which they may place anywhere on the field or stretch out and run with in order to block, trip or ensnare opposing players, etc. Placing the net over your own goal or carrying the ball in the net is illegal.
sninctown, May 23 2006


       Retarii redux.
baconbrain, May 23 2006

       cover the goalkeeper?
po, May 24 2006

       should add this to sports that don't even have nets to begin with. use in baseball to catch the runner, in football as a pitifully meager defense against 200 lb juggernauts. unfortunately my knowledge of sports begins to break down at that point
tcarson, May 24 2006

       I think you should place the extra net in front of the opponent's trebuchet. Just make sure you're putting in front of the real trebuchet and not the decoy.
luxlucet, May 24 2006

       Give them tridents as well, and we'll be right back in Roman times. Which is, I guess, what baconbrain was saying.
DrCurry, May 24 2006

       I'll give this idea a nyet. Ha!   

       seriously though it's alright.
Cuit_au_Four, May 25 2006

       Seriously...what sport are we talking about here?
jellydoughnut, May 27 2006

       The key is top right...

       (Although it's lacking explicitly from the idea)
Jinbish, May 27 2006


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