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Flaming soft drink

Drinks without alcohol, that can be set aflame
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Freeze water and suspended droplets of liquified combustible gas under pressure. Drop into drink. As the ice cube melts the inclusions of gas get released and can be set on fire.

The same effect as setting spirits on fire prior to (blowing out and ) drinking, except that the drinker remains sober.

neelandan, Jul 24 2008


       A great number of flammable gasses do much to eliminate sobriety for those in contact. Choose wisely.
daseva, Jul 24 2008

       There are lots of flammable gasses used in food products. Many of the flammable ones not only // eliminate sobriety [daseva]// but can be explosive and/or addictive. Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is a good example of //Choose wisely [daseva]//.   

       From the: Center for Disease Control (CDC) - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)   

       Exposures should be minimized to prevent short-term behavioral and long-term reproductive health effects that can be produced by N2O.
CwP, Jul 24 2008

       We like this idea. We always applaud ill-advised and potentially life-threatening uses of combustible materials in social situations. [+]   

       Butane seems like a good candidate. It's almost insoluble in water and has a boiling point just below 0 C.   

       With a plastic "widget" in the bottom of a can filled with liquid butane, and the remainder filled with a soft drink under pressure (with dissolved CO2) when the lid is popped the butane will start to boil. Bubbles of very cold gas will rise to the surface, chilling the drink. Since butane is denser than air, a layer of cold butane will build up above the freezing liquid, where it can be ignited by a "pilot light" fixed to the side of the can (a modified cigarette lighter). So, flames will lick and dance above the surface of the liquid, but when you pour the drink, it's still fizzy, and freezing cold............   

       Could be one component of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster .......
8th of 7, Jul 25 2008

       When you burn off the alcohol first, "the drinker remains sober" already. (Well, depends what they drink later, but yeah.) Whether the no-longer-present substance was alcohol or something else doesn't really matter, no?
jutta, Jul 25 2008

       Do the soft drinks flame everyone, or only competing soft drinks? I get enough email as it is.
sninctown, Jul 25 2008

       I can’t wait to put this drink into the microwave!
CwP, Jul 25 2008

       I like this. I dont think butane would be hot enough. One could use acetylene. As the inclusions burn it should hasten the melting of the ice. One would have an ice torch. The problem is to get the bubbles evenly distributed. Maybe use a slushee-type or softserve apparatus, then quickfreeze the mixed slush.
bungston, Jul 25 2008

       Asbestos straw optional.   

       Maybe you could use a floating candle in your soft drink, and stick the straw in between that floating candle and the side of the glass.
quantum_flux, Jul 27 2008


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