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Foul Water

Fetid pond water made safe and potable with gamma radiation.
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Do not drink from the pond:--there are nasties in the water. Despite the golden green of those "sheets of water" as Cooper called them, you may not taste. Despite the sweet bitterness of the water, product of H20 and plant and animal life, you may not indulge.

I insist that we place this water in a bottle with a twig or dead fish original to the pond and purify it all with gamma rays. Let algae settle within; let stone lie on the glass bottom. We will not fear it. We will drink it all with anguished joy.

This fetid water may be produced using current technologies.

Vance, Feb 05 2001

The Love Canal: History http://web.globalse...atomcc/lovecana.htm
where the name comes from [Wes, Feb 05 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sounds a bit like... Flavoured_20Mud
Scrummy! [theleopard, Sep 07 2007]


       Hey, spring water industries market dirty water sometimes. Why not market "fetid water" as a fad drink. Add caffeine and you've got "Fetid Joe".
Wes, Feb 05 2001

       An excellent name.
Vance, Feb 06 2001

       During mid-February, Fetid Joe could also market it's sister drink: Love Canal
Wes, Feb 10 2001

       What would the ingredients of Love Canal be?
Vance, Feb 13 2001

       See the link.   

       The ingredients would be the "natural" spring water taken from the creek. I'm not sure what the level of safety is there...
Wes, Feb 13 2001

       Good idea. It could be sterilized with gamma radiation and scanned for toxins.
Vance, Feb 14 2001

       "Ha! Stupid American Drink toxic water! NOW YOU DIE!" (ninjas and clowns enter and start battling each other with bowling pins and large inflatable toilets while poisoned American vomits and dies in background. Announcer uses chainsaw on his own legs before midgets come out and start urinating on exotic animals, including tigers and leopards.)
AfroAssault, Sep 05 2001

       gamma radiation always means trouble. Make it 'The Incredible Hulk water' featuring a free eerie glow. Parasitey.
croissantz, Oct 07 2004

       I've heard that some people advise consumers against drinking spring water if pregnant due to the high bacteria content compared to distilled water.
aguydude, Sep 06 2007

       Spring water is NOT pure, although some folks think it must be.   

       I spent two summers monitoring water quality in the springs of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways national park. I often heard people assuming that there would be signs up if the water WASN'T pure, which was the opposite of the Park Service's approach. I only found one water sample that rated as pure, once.   

       The City of Springfield, Missouri, sells spring water from Fulbright Spring to a local bottler, but treats the spring water to a full purification process before adding it to the city water supply. Fulbright Spring is well-known to be supplied by a hole in the bottom of the Sac River, with only a few hours of underground flow between the two.   

       Water treatment includes ultraviolet light, but I don't think gamma radiation is a good idea.
baconbrain, Sep 06 2007


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