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Flashlight Buttons/Lapel Pins

Hands free, always there, on a dark and stormy night.
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When arriving home or at your car at night it's difficult to find the right key and the keyhole. Keychain lights are baked but they demand one hand to hold it. That's hard when holding something that can't be put down in that mud puddle, like a sleeping child.

I propose a low power LED flashlight built in to the button on your pants. Give it a squeeze and it shines for 30 seconds right on the door handle (you are standing up, right?) while you get out you keychain and unlock. And baby sleeps on.

This could also be built into the bottom of jackets' zippers (because they occlude your button fly light) or they can be sold as after market lapel pins that can be affixed anywhere on your clothing (and have the benefit of being easily replaced or moved)

Presumably the low power, infrequent use and auto-off will allow a small battery to outlive the usefulness of the clothing article.

CecilL, Oct 07 2005

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