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Opposite of flashlight
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Casts a directed beam of pure darkness into an area of light.
kwhopson, Oct 29 2003

speed of dark.. http://www.halfbake...a/Speed_20of_20Dark
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       thumbwax got there before you.
po, Oct 29 2003

       Negative lights exist in most high end 3D packages. Call 'em "light suckers" and they are very useful, in a theoretical kind of way.
bristolz, Oct 29 2003

       Hm, yeah, you said that before, too.
DrCurry, Oct 29 2003

       Reminds me of the idea my boss had a few years ago to sell cans of dark, guaranteed pure as long as the can is sealed.
ZomGlo, Feb 13 2004

       CAUTION: Do not point directly at the sun.
babaluch, Aug 09 2004


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