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EverReady 45

six shooter flash light
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The EverReady 45 is a result of a collaborative project between the famous battery maker and one the many armament makers, such as Glock, Colt or Smith and Wesson.

Noticing that their batteries were similar in size and modularity to that of gun cartridges, the clever engineers of EverReady (or entirely stupid, depending on your stand point), have produced a new torch which combines the best features of both.

EverReady 45 looks like a pistol (it comes in six shooter or automatic formats) but instead of firing bullets, it produces a powerful beam of light. Each squeeze of the trigger rotates the magazine, and in so doing engages another battery to increase the power of the beam.

Similar repeated trigger action does likewise with the automatic.

One of the great advantages of EverReady 45 is that you don't have to take it apart to replace the batteries. You just quickly load more in, as you would gun cartridges.

Please note - this is an entirely dangerous and stupid product that should not be pointed at anyone for obvious reasons, but it is totally harmless and cannot be modified to receive live ammunition.

xenzag, May 05 2013


       Yes.... A curious contrast of attributes. A sort of oxymoron of characteristics, like one might expect from a fridge which made fire lighters instead of ice cubes.
xenzag, May 05 2013

       // Entirely dangerous but totally harmless //   

Alterother, May 05 2013

       Make each "bullet" a light in itself and put the batteries in the grip. Then as you cycle each bullet to the chamber you get a different light coming out of the barrel. You can buy different "ammunition" if you want different lighting effects. i.e. red, white, LED, green laser, maser.
DIYMatt, May 05 2013

       That's great, but can you also devise a pump-action shotgun version?   

shapu, May 06 2013


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