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Flavored Gasoline

Tastier than regular gasoline
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Gasoline tastes terrible. Adding grape or cola flavor would make it much more pleasant to drink.
dominus, Jul 22 2000


       Yeah.. your right.. I drink gasoline every day, and every day I hate it, Gasoline with some coke aroma would open a new world for me.. YOU'RE GREAT!
enveekaa, Jul 22 2000

       "Hey, Sport. Isn't the smell of gasoline great? Close your eyes and inhale. So *Clean*. It smells like the *future*." - From Generation X by Douglas Coupland. Pretty good book. I know it's just a quote, but this post was obviously a joke and somone had to put something here =)
lockle, Aug 14 2000

       I am trying to quit smoking and unfortunately I always want to smoke while I am drinking....gas
IBBen, Sep 07 2000

       I sense a new sports drink idea... who's with me on this? "New! Improved! If it makes several tonnes of metal move, imagine what it can do for YOU! Here's a random high profile celebrity to endorse it for us..." It couldn't help but sell.
Detly, Sep 12 2000

       what about sourpatch gasoline?
monty, Sep 13 2000

       I always used to light my farts on fire. Now we can all light our burps, too.
AfroAssault, Sep 14 2000

       89 Octane and for the very active people... 98 octane.   

       I have to watch my weight...make mine UNLEADED, please
MadMax's Brother, Aug 16 2002

       Make a Grape Flavoured GasSicle(r)!
Sekio, Mar 14 2003

       Warning: Chemicals in this beverage are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm .
Worldgineer, Mar 14 2003

       Gasoline is not meant for human consumption!
darkknight_152002, Jul 26 2003

       Gasoline is naturally grape-soda-flavored, the oil companies put the awful taste in it so you won't find out how it has anti-disease, anti-aging properties; in fact, I'm probably risking my life exposing thi
whlanteigne, Mar 09 2008

       I stick with anti-freeze its already sweetened-
KineticKill, Mar 09 2008


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