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forced induction.

using a compressor for forced induction
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ive thought about this idea for months, have a 4-6 gallon aircompressor in the trunk, run a 1/2 to 3/4 in. hose under the carpet and by the drivers seat where there will b a valve (to hold the compressed air back while not in use)then have it run into the engine compartment and it could b tapped into the front of a k and n filter ect.

this idea has potential and could run the amount of boost you want by adjusting the regulator on the compressor until it reads the amount of boost you want on the boost gauge, no lag like a turbo, a bov would probably need to be installed on the intake so you can flip the vavle on right before you take off and the exta air will go out the bov.

a power wire can b can straight from the battery with a toggle switch by the drives seat so u can flip it and it will charge before or after a race.

this idea isnt for constant boost more then 20 seconds, just for drag racing and long straight roads

now with this idea other modifications would b needed after say 5 pounds or boost, but just like any other forced induction system

tell me what you guys think?

bimmer4life, Nov 27 2006


       all your air would simply blow out through the air filter, besides the fact that you would run out of air very quickly unless you had a huge reservoir. If you figure that a smallish size engine would be about 1 to 2 gallons in displacement and assuming all air went into cylinders then with a 55 gallon tank you would run out of air in 30 to 50 Revolutions of the engine, at 500rpms(less than idle) thats about 10 sec, at 5000rpms thats about 1 sec. somebody else can do the math but you would need a hell of an air compressor to keep up, say something like an direct drive supercharger type of compressor to keep up....oh wait they already have those.(before anyone goes apeshit I realize that compressed air would go further)   

       Sorry but this just isn't going to do anything at all but make a big hissing noise and a lot or racket from the trunk.
jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006

       actualy gm messed with it: it was called ram aire (yes with an e) in the late 60's early 70's for trucks - you would activate it by depressing the gas all the way down, sim to the elephant blower on the merc ssk. also it used an air filter and long tube that cuved in than out with the injector infront of the narrowest part. this probably caused some venturi effect, to speed all the air in, acted as a charge cooler (like nos) plus didnt require one to always use the compressed air main tank pressure was 2500psi regulated down to 150 @ nozzle. in a book called a new engine for today (printed 72 or 3)
Birdlives, Dec 18 2008


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