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Free Gas Lottery

Gas stations give away free gas to random people
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Today, I saw a radio station giving away free gas at a local gas station. The line for gas was long, and it caused a traffic jam. Gas stations should give free gas to a random person every once in a while. For example, a gas station that does this promotion may give free gas to one person out of 1000 people. They will attract more business because people will want to fill gas there if there's a possibility of it being free. Maybe the price could be bumped up by a few pennies per gallon to pay for the "free" gas.
kewldude471, Aug 09 2005

Cheapest Gas Prices & Location site http://www.houstongasprices.com/
I wasn't really looking for this, but now I'll probably use it. [Zimmy, Aug 09 2005]


       bumped up by 10 cents for 1 in 200. If they're driving a Scion that costs $20 to fill up.   

       A 1 cent increase for 1 in 2000 odds might work, though.
Zimmy, Aug 09 2005

       //Maybe the price could be bumped up by a few pennies per gallon to pay for the "free" gas.//   

       Hell no! I'm already paying $2.87 per gallon as it is and prices are steadily going up without bumping it up for "free" gas.
Machiavelli, Aug 09 2005

       $2.87 for premium?
Zimmy, Aug 09 2005

       Premium's 91, right? Yeah, $2.87.
Machiavelli, Aug 09 2005

       This is already baked. Sort of. There is a gas station in Amarillo that gives a "Free fill up" (but only up to 10 gallons for free) to every 100th person that buys a premium car wash for $8 (US)
babyhawk, Aug 10 2005


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