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Flavored Vegetables

Healthy Ranch Flavor for Carrots, etc.
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To encourage people to eat their veg, flavor prepackaged vegetables with artificial flavorings. I did some research and apparently no one does this. The closest thing is flavored dips and salad dressings (veggies aren't pre-flavoured; you must apply dip or dressing yourself) or candy apples (a fruit, not veg).

I tried this: I poured a bag of baby carrots into a bag of ranch-flavored chips, shook the bag, then removed the carrots (now coated in artificial flavoring powder, salt, and bits of fried corn). The ranch flavor improved the carrots, but faded over time.

So...croissant-flavored carrots?

sninctown, Nov 21 2008

Grapple! http://www.grapplefruits.com/
[bungston, Nov 21 2008]

you can't please everyone... carrot_20crisps
[po, Nov 21 2008]


       Oh sure, take some healthy and simple, then kill it.
Noexit, Nov 21 2008

       But the byproduct is carrot flavored potato chips - yuch
phundug, Nov 21 2008

       Carrots to ranch flavoured chips are as buns to:   

       a) Carrots
b) Fishbones
c) Ranch flavoured chips
d) Higgs boson
e) None of the above.
4whom, Nov 21 2008

       personally I think that this sort of thing is the absolute opposite of quality. Eventually everything tastes like a salty hot dog with mustard or "chicken" and under the banner of "health" and "nutrition" quality of life falls and falls. Please, if you want to eat "ranch dressing" buy a bottle and get it over with supposing you get hooked on the straight stuff you will still be better off than the other people slurping out of bottles on the street. Do we really want a packaged preserved flavored colored diet? This is gross.
WcW, Nov 21 2008

       A few years ago, scientists in the UK managed to get peas to taste like chocolate.   

       Then again, they may just have grated some chocolate over warm peas.   

       We have witnessed a hilarious incident in Sweden, where a visiting engineer, when taking lunch in the self-service cafeteria, and unable to read Swedish labels, proceded to help himself to meat, two veg, and potatoes, then (due to the slightly unusual layout of the food service area) procceeded to ladle hot chocolate sauce over all the above, under the mistaken impression that it was gravy .......   

       To be fair, he did eat it.
8th of 7, Nov 21 2008


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