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Flea Beak

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When your pet has fleas, attach this extension to the snout area via straps behind the ears. The tip has specially designed scratching prongs to aggravate nesting mites.

This may assist in more accurate pest control, and will provide a cute distraction to grandma's goiter, peak oil, planet X etc.

benfrost, May 05 2005

Codex Seraphinianus http://www.archimed...afi/C_serafini.html
A collector's item. [Soterios, May 05 2005]


       I think I might have once seen an illustration of this in Codex Seraphinianus.
Soterios, May 05 2005

       I've never encountered a goldfish with fleas.
gnomethang, May 05 2005

       [Soterios] what a very strange link.   

       My cat has a hard time actually locating and removing the fleas on its body with the snout it has. If there were pincer-like attachments that with time he could learn to control, his frustration would lessen. He would also look like hannibal lecter but cat version, and this would make interesting conversation during the commercials.
benfrost, May 06 2005

       at least thats what i think he is doing
benfrost, May 06 2005

       on the anus
benfrost, May 06 2005

DrBob, May 06 2005

       [pedant alert] no tongue.
goatfaceKilla, May 06 2005

       What about muzzles for the fleas?
goatfaceKilla, May 06 2005

       All those who think [UnaBubba] and [benfrost] should NOT be allowed in the same idea at the same time, raise your hand...
Detly, May 06 2005

       When I first read the idea, I read it as a device that you attached to the fleas. Since the idea was one of benfrost's I thought, "Fair enough" and moved on. The redundancy of catching a parasite to attach a device that it found irritating appealed to me in a nonsense way.
st3f, May 06 2005

       Fleas - oh for fuck sake - Kill em all
The Kat, May 06 2005

       You *would* say that!
gnomethang, May 06 2005

       Am I allowed to lower my hand yet ? This one-handed typing is a pain.
normzone, May 06 2005


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