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Fuzzy Tail Wig

Make people like your rat
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Rats are very nice pets, but many people find them off-putting because of their naked tails. Next time you have friends over, just slip a fuzzy tail wig onto your rat. Thinking that you are the owner of an extremely intelligent squirrel, your friends will dote over your adorable pet.

Once they have fallen under the charm of your delightful companion, you may remove the tail wig without risk of anti-rat prejudice.

AO, May 01 2003


       Plus, it'll look good sticking out of a snake's mouth.
thumbwax, May 01 2003

       If so, someone either has a huge rat or a tiny head.
krelnik, May 01 2003

       Bald is beautiful.
phoenix, May 01 2003

       Hehe! (+) Just make sure it’s gnaw-proofed.
Shz, May 02 2003

       youd have to make sure it had a fit tight enough as to not fall off, yet loose enough that it wouldnt harm the tail. good luck with your endeavor(if you were planning on doing it yourself)!
Seolyk, Sep 20 2005


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