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Flexible Security Door

A door that is meant to take a beating.
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Current doors, being rigid, when against forced entry, transfers all energy to the jambs, making it easy to bust the door down.

Solution: a door with a flexible core, coupled with a an expanded jamb and locking hardware.

(this is for doors that open in (you push from the outside to get in, not pull)).

The core will be a flexible, possible rubberized, material. The material along the borders will be rigid. Any forced entry attempts will need to be made to the center of the door, because of the extended door jamb and locking hardware. Most of the forces applied will be dampened, spreading the force out over time, thus making for a stronger door.

The outer layer of the door need only be a weak veneer.

twitch, Apr 13 2013

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       Steel door. Steel jambs. Heavy deadbolt lock.
whlanteigne, Apr 13 2013

       to a certain extent, doors made with bars, rather than panels work this way. if the door was produced with bars or tubes, and clad in a material that wouldn't distribute the force then the function would be similar. The classic technique is to deliver the blow to the area near the latch so having the door give way there would buy you some time. Essentially the door needs to have an intrusion structure which will dissipate large quantities of energy, even when blows are struck right at the edge.
WcW, Apr 13 2013

       Neither am I. It's unclear exactly what is meant by // bust the door down // but I'd be surprised to see any conventional security door that can be forced open with anything short of a large sledgehammer, which would probably take down this thing as well since it has a rigid frame. Attacking the center of the door makes no sense; the weakest point of any door is the latch.
Alterother, Apr 13 2013

       Well, I liked it. I particularly like the image of a bunch of guys (for some reason I picture the Anthill Mob) running at the door with a massive battering ram and rebounding amusingly.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2013

       I worked in a gas station some decades ago. We had a break-in one night. The thieves couldn't breach the door, so they took out a section of the wall.
whlanteigne, Apr 13 2013

       Gas station buildings aren't built like Ft Knox. They're made to be cheap and quick to erect. Some, up into the 1960s, maybe later, were made from prefab, preformed steel panels.
whlanteigne, Apr 13 2013


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