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Doorknob Jigglelock

no, not whatever gutter-inspired images came to mind...
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You know those old mechanical security-door-locks where you punch in a combination on the given choice of 5 buttons ? This isn't it. There is no plate with buttons on it.

The knob/shaft assembly can be moved like a heavily-weighted-spring-return joystick from the centre position to any of the 4 detented cardinal positions (up, down, left and right). A sequence for entry could be something like "left left right up down up down".

Then turn the knob and open the door.

The combination is just as easy (or difficult) to remember as other types, muscle memory makes it easier to key in: you can do it in the dark or without looking at an entry pad, and it's easier to shield from prying eyes.

More complex models can use 8 or even 12 positions. The (variable length) combination can be changed or anulled by using the (physical) master-key which has its own lock located on the bolt-plate.

FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2009


       nope I (just) checked: "Handshake Lock" uses a camera tied into magic software which decrypts arm or hand-gestures.   

       your <link> is definitely more "HB-esque" though.
FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2009

       actually makes me want to go out and buy a fake hand, and (I feel another post coming on or maybe that's just gas) use it as a (passive) hand-shaped doorknob that you can set in various positions to indicate your likely response to visitors (handshake, fistbump, "halt", peace, finger...)
FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2009

       I was going to create a new idea off the back of this, but then decided it was more of an echo:   

       _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
Arcade Stick Door Entry System
------- ------- ------- ------- -------
Jiggling Knob Lock with a hint of Street Fighter 2 & a dash of Mortal Kombat

       This system is a combination lock of sorts, but instead of a keypad of alphanumeric characters, or a radial knob it is presented as a robust 8-way arcade joystick with 6 heavy-duty (but exquisitely actuated) buttons (perhaps with 3 labelled LP, MP, HP, and 3 labelled LK, MK, HK).   

       >, v, \, > + HP
( Sho-Ryu-Ken! )
<door opens>

Jinbish, Oct 09 2009

       How about a lock that uses a simple left/right code. (the action is simple, not the code). LLLRLRRLRRLRLLRL is one of 65000 combinations at that length.
MechE, Oct 09 2009

       The Joy Knob Lock, wasn't that a novel by Amy Tan?
jutta, Oct 09 2009

       [Jinbish], as long as it played the sound, every door in my house would have one. I would refer to them by name -- "this is the haduken door"
CaptainClapper, Oct 09 2009

       Master locks has made a padlock (not a door lock) that works upon this principal. The combination can be changed when the lock is open by moving a switch in the back-I saw one at target, and you could manipulate it in it's package, and the knob made a distinct "click" as you moved it.
Dickcheney6, Oct 09 2009

       If you get the combination wrong, does the door blast you away from the entrance with a giant fireball? [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 12 2009

       //simple left/right code//
up/down would be more useful: no reactive body-movement (to give away part of the code); differentiated from the actual "open/close the door" movements which contain a lateral (left/right) component.
FlyingToaster, Oct 13 2009

       My thought was to use the existing motion so no additional joints would be needed, I probably should have said clockwise/counterclockwise. The odds of someone walking up and jiggling the knob to the correct code are about on par with guessing any other combo lock. The sensor could be a couple of hall affect switches about 10-15 degrees off line CW and CCW. If this was combined with a turn limiter so the knob didn't turn past this point until it was unlocked, there wouldn't be much body motion involved.
MechE, Oct 14 2009

       [mechE] get your own post ;)
FlyingToaster, Oct 14 2009


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