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Flexible head windshield scraper

Make scraping frost off car windows simple and effective
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Winter has arrived in the Northeastern United States and with it comes the need to scrape frost and snow off the car window every morning.

The standard car window scraper is no more than a piece of flat rigid plastic, but the windshild is curved as is the back window. The results are that the scraper only ends up coming in contact with the windshield at the center point of the scraper. This means that for every stroke taken to remove the ice from the window only a bare minimum of ice is removed.

Years ago one of the razor companies profiled a new razor that had a head flexible enough to shave a bowling ball. The results was something that better fit the contours of the human face and did a more effective job.

The flexible scraper could follow a similar design. When the user applies the scraper to the windshield, the scraper could flex to match the contours of the glass and the result would be a greater surface area being scraped with each stroke. During the cold mornings, this efficiency would be welcomed by most motorists.

RobGraham, Jan 03 2002

Brass-bladed Ice Scraper http://www.canadian...er_ice_scraper.html
Flexibility isn't discussed, but you could try different lengths of brass blade in this design, to see which length offers the best compromise of curve conformity and rigidity. [quarterbaker, Jan 03 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Buy This One http://www.sd-expor...cialty_scrapers.htm
The "Brass Master" pictured here is what I have. And it is made in my home state. [quarterbaker, Jan 03 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Here in the middle US we have available a scraper that has a strip of relatively soft brass where you would normally have a plastic blade. The edges of the brass strip are rounded slightly to avoid scratching the glass. This brass strip will conform to a curved windshield. Don't have a brand name or link for purchasing one, but I'll give you a link for instructions on how to make one.

//later// Found link for buying the model that I have. Unfortunately, it looks as though you have to buy 24 of them.
quarterbaker, Jan 03 2002

       I almost type-shouted BAKED, but I've done that twice already today. I feel like PeterSealy.
quarterbaker, Jan 03 2002

       As odd as this sounds, the best scraper I have ever had was one made out of a scrap of 1/8" masonite. I could flex it with my hand to match the contour of the windshield.
bristolz, Jan 03 2002

       the glass on my windshield tends to be more or less flat! Today I bought a half price electric icescraper - I was so pleased with my little purchase apparently it plugs into the ciggy lighter and has 14ft of cord. wonderful; I have had this car 5 months and as I returned home from the shops, suddenly realised it has no ciggy lighter. huh! anyone want it free? post and packing £1.00
po, Jan 03 2002

       The one time I've had to scrape ice off a windshield, <I live in Florida>, I used my drivers' license. <Solid plastic, like a credit card, instead of laminated> It curved to fit just fine.
StarChaser, Jan 03 2002

       You're just teasing those of us not smart enough to live in warmer climates...
RobGraham, Jan 03 2002

       <grin> I'd read it in a magazine, to use a credit card as an emergency ice scraper. And I figured that the license had the least amound of damageable information on it, so...   

       Worked pretty well, scraping a quarter inch of crunchy ice off some fairly large windows <hatchback with a four-foot long rear window...>
StarChaser, Jan 04 2002

       I didn't think anyone used ice-scrapers any more. Just spray on half a can of some noxious chemical, trying hard not to breathe in the fumes, and hey presto! Windows clear, and wildlife that little bit closer to extinction.
pottedstu, Jan 04 2002

       Of course there are the stories of the 'intelligence challenged' who have attempted the same thing by pouring a pitcher of hot water on the frosty windshield.   

       Good thing that safety glass is easy to vacuum up off the front seats.
RobGraham, Jan 04 2002

       [po] I guess that says something about you not having any nasty habits (or at least not THAT one!), but in the US auto makers have been dropping the cigarette lighter, but adding a socket called a "power center" which is the exact same thing, but without the part that heats up (it has a plastic cover that snaps in place instead).
mwburden, Jan 04 2002

       boil a kettle and then tip the water over your windshield.
kaz, Jan 04 2002

       Oh dear I just read RobGrahams annotation. Its always worked for me
kaz, Jan 04 2002

       It's now twice I've had to scrape ice off the windshield...and the license worked again. 26 degrees here...coldest I've ever seen it. Had all three cats in bed. Was really nice...
StarChaser, Jan 05 2002

       when was that star? mental picture of three cats and one tyger quite amusing.
po, Jan 05 2002

       Last night / this morning. Fortunately, the rear window defroster managed to melt the ice...
StarChaser, Jan 05 2002

       can I interest you in an electric one?
po, Jan 05 2002

       I only need it like once every five years, an electric one would be kind of overkill...
StarChaser, Jan 05 2002

       26 degrees huh? That warm?
RobGraham, Jan 05 2002

       (Before I was awake enough to remember [po]'s electric windshield scraper, I was imagining her offering [StarChaser] an electric cat!)
mwburden, Jan 06 2002

       mwb, I am sure that can be arranged
po, Jan 06 2002


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