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Inlaid plasma windshield defroster

A thin plasma layer sandwiched between two layers of glass in the windshield
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This layer would heat up very quickly, and provide total penetration to heat up the windshield and remove snow and ice buildup quickly. Similar in idea to the "Windshield Defroster", but is actually built into the windshield. Could be quicker at defrosting than built-in wires running throughout the window (like the rear defroster), as it provides total surface area coverage, and the wires only cover partial surface area.
broken77, May 01 2002

Use electro-mechanical properties of ice http://www.techrevi.../prototype70502.asp
Coolest deicer ever. This researcher also builds a ski-brake system using the same principle [tspyz, May 01 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Your ideas seem to involve things heating up quickly or instantly. Things take time to heat up. Oh, and use [ Link ] to add a link.
[ sctld ], May 01 2002

       sctld: Well, these are the first two ideas I've gotten a chance to write down, and they're both related, so they were easy to remember :-) I have more. I know things take time to heat up, but realistically, some things take less time than others. A chemical reaction can generate heat quicker than an engine warming up. There are other methods... And thanks for the [ Link ] tip. I'm new to the site.
broken77, May 01 2002

       You don't seem to explain how the windscreen heats things up. Perhaps a little more detail may be required to throw most halfbakers to the pastry shop.
[ sctld ], May 01 2002

       Yeah. I know there are room-temperature plasmas. I'd want to know that there is a plasma which is hot enough to defrost the window without melting it.
phoenix, May 01 2002

       Room temp on a cold morning might be enough.
bristolz, May 01 2002

       why are you broken? you seem quite together in my book!
po, May 01 2002

       Would this have a negative effect on the structural integrity of the wind(screen)shield?
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

       [po]: Did you accidently post to the wrong idea?
bristolz, May 01 2002

       quite possibly, its that sort of day.
po, May 01 2002

       The plasma in a fluorescent lamp is very hot (temperature) but there is very little heat in it (because there are so few molecules in the gas inside the tube), meaning it cannot heat up your finger very much when you touch it. Why would this plasma be different?
notexactly, May 19 2018


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