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Ice removal can be fun.
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Next time you find your car windows covered with frost or ice, let your kids/spouse help with the chore, as they play. Clamp the Scrape-A-Sketch frame on the windshield/screen under the wipers.

As you start on the side and back windows with your own two-handed, rechargeable, power scraper, your helper sits inside, twirling the two knobs of the radio control transmitter. The narrow, robust, R/C scraper then moves within the confines of the frame, sketching stick figures or fine etchings while making your job easier.

FarmerJohn, Jan 09 2003


       You have to flip the car upside down first.
krelnik, Jan 09 2003

       Easy to erase: have an auxilary winshield washer bottle with water held at a temperature just above the freezing point. It should automatically heat the water slightly as the outside temperature drops to make sure the spray freezes after it hits the windshield as opposed to freezing as it flies through the air.   

       Just be careful not to hit the wrong button while driving. :)
scad mientist, Jan 09 2003


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