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Flick Fork

mind the peas in the queue
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Flick Fork operates on exactly the same principle as that of its namesake, the more well known flick-knife. ie you press a button and a concealed blade shoots out.

In the case of the Flick Fork, it is only the individual tines which are hidden, shooting out under spring loaded tension from the base area at the end of the handle, when the button is pressed once.

That's the first part of the idea. The second part occurs when some food has been stabbed and secured on the end of the tines. Pressing the release button for a second time causes the tines to flick forward another ninety degrees, launching their contents like a mini trebuchet.

After successful launching, folding the tines back into the base reloads the springs and primes the fork for further use.

xenzag, Dec 20 2012

Extremely complicated variable parameter utensils Extremely_20complic...arameter_20utensils
As Described [csea, Dec 20 2012]


       Only to be used for peaseful purposes.   

       //trebuchet// sp. mangonel.
spidermother, Dec 20 2012

       Sounds like a strong contender for inclusion as an Extremely Complicated...Utensil(s) [link] Double +
csea, Dec 20 2012

       happy to have idea included here :-)
xenzag, Dec 21 2012


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