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Flip Flop Toe Socklet

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Aah . . the wonderous joy of open summer feet beating gaily across the macadam as you trapse from here to there and everywhere on your leisurely weekend deeds!

The flip flops are the perfect acompaniment to the returning warm season, alas the toes - (specifically the webbing between the first two where the footwear is held in place) - can take some time to physically adapt.

The preceeding winter months has found one's feet softening within cosy slippers - the callouses built up from last summer's wear having been completely replaced with baby soft skin - thus the sudden open-air rubbing of rubber within your 'toe-pit' brings about painful and unsightly red whelting. In time the skin toughens but the transition is frighteningly uncomfortable.

Flip Flop Toe Socklets then, are tight fitting mini-socks that cover your big toe and second toe only. A reinforced cotton area at the depth of the crevice provides ample support as you walk about. In time you can remove the socklet, or reapply if pain persists.

benfrost, Nov 20 2005

Socks with bog toes http://www.sockcomp...m/sptoesoforfl.html
One of several vendors [DrCurry, Nov 21 2005]

Flipflop socks http://islandsurf.c...D=8&GCID=C10373x008
Must be an English thing, wearing socks with sandals [DrCurry, Nov 21 2005]

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(?) Thong socks http://www.heartstr...erarts.com/a14.shtm
Good grief, guess (some) Americans do it too [DrCurry, Nov 21 2005]


       [benfrost], when summer rolls around my thong bikini causes me the same sort of trouble. Could your invention help here as well?
bungston, Nov 20 2005

       please provide a photo of the afflicted area and an operator will be with you shortly
benfrost, Nov 20 2005

       If there are summer rolls around your thong bikini then you need to increase your weight loss in the spring.
bristolz, Nov 20 2005

       You could call your product "The Fergie" - let these little babies suck on your tootsies.   

       Sock(let)s with thongs... you aren't .......... <<<<<shudder>>>> ...English... <<<<<shiver>>>>>, are you [benfrost]
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 20 2005

benfrost, Nov 21 2005

       + Given the size of a standard sock and the frequency at which they go missing in my washing machine - how the hell is anyone going to keep hold of a pair of 'socklets' for more than a week. [Assuming they are washed].
TrapCheese, Nov 21 2005

       Just do what the kids around here do, and wear your thongs (=flipflops) through the winter.   

       Oh yeah, see links.
DrCurry, Nov 21 2005

       I keep reading 'sockets'
po, Nov 21 2005

       Then maybe you shouldn't be sticking your toes into them!
DrCurry, Nov 21 2005

       *tip* if you put some cooking oil (ie: olive / canola) on the rubber part of the thong / 'flip flop', leave it a while to 'soak in' it'll stop that horrible nastyness (",)
gorjabuble, Nov 23 2005

       lubricate my thong? outrageous!
benfrost, Nov 23 2005


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