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Disposable Post-Clubbing Shoes

Promotes a comfortable non-barefoot post club walk home
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Love wearing high heels or platforms out clubbing? Always find yourself walking home barefoot as your feet are too damn sore to walk home?

Located in vending machines in nightclub toilets are these disposable slip-on shoes. Take off your heels and slip them over your barefeet, and the shoes will see you home comfortable and cleanly, whilst preventing further foot ache, and having to carry flat shoes.

For the fashion concious amongst us different colours and/or designs could be supplied and for the elite amongst us designer labels could added.

Muzzanator, Mar 31 2005

Perhaps these guys could use some. http://news.bbc.co....mericas/4392217.stm
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 31 2005]

Tough Feet Tough_20Feet
Maybe these would do? [bungston, Mar 31 2005]

Shoe Vending Machines Shoe_20vending_20machine
Someone already beat you to the punch. Or kick, as it may be. Even mentions locations near clubs. [AfroAssault, Apr 01 2005]


       I'm a little confused absinthewithoutleave, post-clubbing comfort versus a seal cull???   

       Are you angry at the seal killers?
Muzzanator, Mar 31 2005

       [muzz] The seal cull doesn't anger me (particularly), but used to be(maybe still is) carried out with the aid of clubs. After the cull (post-clubbing) the hunters would probably have a lot of seal blood on their boots, and disposable over-shoes would help keep it off their carpets.
<not-quite-Slartibartfast> It's a kind of joke, you see. Never been very good at them myself, but I'm told they can be terribly effective. < /not-quite-Slartibartfast>
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 31 2005

       [abs] Not bad man, not bad. Like your thinking out with the box.
Muzzanator, Mar 31 2005

       [Muzzanator] I prefer [awol], please. [abs] reminds me of my dear departed stomach muscles <sniff>.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 31 2005

       ++++++++. I wish I could give this more than 1 bun. Although one does get used to stepping over the broken glass and pools of vomit after a while. It's the globules of phlegm which are hardest to avoid - they're not always visible in the darkness of the wee, small hours.
salachair, Mar 31 2005

       I'm surprised [Blissmiss] hasn't said how much she likes this idea yet. But I think she will soon.
zeno, Mar 31 2005

       Even though I never wore heels clubbing (6'4" - male - would have looked a little silly) I still used to walk home barefoot through the city. Why? Don't know, but these would definitely have been safer.   

       [salachair] - That looks very much like an eBay feeback.
wagster, Mar 31 2005

       [wagster] - how so? I've never used eBay. Do they sell globules of phlegm?
salachair, Mar 31 2005

Muzzanator, Mar 31 2005

       Yeah. Phlegm-globule beanie babies.   

       I had no idea what this was about from the title but that could be because I am incapable of walking in heels and so, do not. Sometimes I think I should be a little more femine in my attire. I recently went to a nightclub in torn jeans (just old, not designer-torn), biker boots and a t-shirt with play-doh stuck on the front. Still got chatted up, though.
squeak, Mar 31 2005

       //and a t-shirt with play-doh stuck on the front// Maybe a padded bra would've been less obvious?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 31 2005

       Yeah, but you can't model ultra-stiff nips with a padded bra (guess why I got chatted up).
squeak, Mar 31 2005

       Words of advice -- Beware the Other:General category. You may want to put this somewhere else before you REALLY get berated. Try fashion:shoes, and you could get more specific than that if you want. Also, see link. Not a bad idea, though.
AfroAssault, Apr 01 2005

       Now don't be childish, [UB]. "wee small hours" is just Scottish for "middle of the pissin' night". No, wait...
david_scothern, Apr 01 2005

       [Afroassault] Thanks for the advice. I'm a novice baker and this advice has been noted and acted on. Thanks again.
Muzzanator, Apr 01 2005

       I've never walked barefoot on city streets because I'm afraid of stepping on glass, insects, phlegm, gum etc., no matter how badly my feet hurt after dancing the night away in heels. I'd be grateful for these little disposable slippers!
Machiavelli, Apr 01 2005

       The "Tough Shoes" as linked could be rolled tight and packaged in a cigar tube. This would be worn either as a necklace or hanging from the belt.
bungston, Apr 01 2005

       If the shoes were very stretchy you could wear them as a beret while in the club, then on your feet while walking home.   

       I live in the country, 10 miles from the nearest club, so it would take a while walking home at 3am.. The country is nice for barefoot walks through the holly leaves, briars, stones, centipedes, voles, burrs...hmm...maybe I need disposable post-clubbing boots.
moPuddin, Apr 02 2005

       I was going to make a seal joke, but I came in second.   

       Good idea, though. Croissant por tu.
disbomber, Apr 04 2005

       I was pondering this fine idea some more. I envision these things as having the same sort of adhesive as those Braza paste-on bras. They would come with a towlette envelope to wipe off your soles and get better adhesion. They would be good for postclubbing as above, but also could be sold at the beach / lakeside for folks who have misplaced or forgotten shoes.
bungston, Jun 25 2006

       Superb. Have an ULTRACROISSANT.
rodti, Jun 25 2006

       If they were stretchy and tubular, you could wear one around each arm while at the club. A toe covering piece could be attached by velcro.
phundug, Jun 26 2006

       uhmm... weren't the english first to bake "rent-a-driver"?
sweet, Jun 26 2006

theapprentice, Jun 20 2007

       i have a solution: don't go clubbing. or if you are too painfully cool not to, just wear flip flops home. or just hail a cab or just get a piggy-back ride.
abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007

       I think this idea goes quite well with the Shoe Vending Machine idea already pointed out.   

       And it has the advantage of letting women remain stylisher/hotter than they would be in flats.
shapu, Jun 21 2007

       Sorry, don't know why I said that last year. <changing vote to positive> Don't know why, but your idea came back to my mind a while ago and seems pretty nice to me now </cvtp>. Just hope the creator is still alive to enjoy kudos!
sweet, Jun 22 2007

       //Just hope the creator is still alive to enjoy kudos!//   

       Fear not [sweet]the creator[Muzzanator] is very much alive and kicking.(Just not on here at present)
skinflaps, Jun 22 2007


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