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Flip Up glasses

flip up lenses to see close
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We older myopics have what is called the "myopic advantage" that enables us to see close objects without any refractive correction. We need glasses for visual correction at all times except for close up work. To be able to simply flip up the eyepiece when required rather than remove the specs would be a real time saver especially when doing manual labor.
Bdraft, Apr 28 2003

Brimz flip-up glasses http://fairwaymarke...om/product/BRIMZ001
Probably not what you're thinking about. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Tiger Eyes http://www.tigereyes1.com/
Probably closer to what you were thinking about. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Small computer clip-on/flip-up reading lens http://www.onlinere...selectionsclips.htm
What more could you ask for? Have a larger computer? Scroll down. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

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       Isn't this what bifocals accomplish: two different amounts of correction, one of which is possibly no correction at all, so that you can alternate close up and far off visual tasks without removing / replacing eyeglasses?
snarfyguy, Apr 28 2003

       Being a bookish sort, I wear reading glasses quite a bit. I’ve always wanted a pair of reverse bifocal reading glasses. They would have a small patch of “far vision” up at the top, rather than the more common “near vision” down at the bottom. For those rare times that my husband insists that I look at him.
pluterday, Apr 28 2003

       If one were to construct glasses with two lenses which could be moved closer or further apart from each other, how much variation in distance would be necessary to create a useful variation in focal length?
supercat, Apr 29 2003

       The links reflect the idea. Bifocals are ok until we mature, then trifocals come into the picture. The newest wrinkle is the transition lense that is the best of all. close work though is best done without any correction. Plano lenses included.We "myopically advantaged" are the minority in the older eyesight social stata where we are paid back by mother nature with crystal clear close vision, as compensation for a lifetime of having to use glasses.
Bdraft, Apr 29 2003

       <sings> Flip up fatty yeah, flip up fatty fatty reggae...</sings>
wagster, Jul 20 2009


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