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Floating Birthday Candles

For those that prefer beer.
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Small candles as those commonly used to decorate birthday cakes but which are capable of floating the right way up in a pint of beer. They must be small enough to make a reasonable stab at the age of the drinker and not alter the taste of the beer.
[Description added after being fishboned by UnaBubba]

<pedantic cultural aside>I assume that the presentation of a cake with with small candles showing the age of the recepient is a common enough birthday custom to at least be known worldwide.</pedantic cultural aside>

st3f, May 04 2001


       "Fire makes it good!" -Homer Simpson
absterge, May 04 2001

       Beer doesn't burn, I tried. Rum, on the other hand... Dunno about gin or vodka, though.   

       <Spent one slightly drunken night dropping lit matches into an empty bottle of Bacardi 151. You get this incredibly cool ring of blue fire that starts from the bottom of the bottle, goes all the way up to the neck then goes out with a 'Whooot!' sound. Was a lot of fun. So much so that when all the oxygen was used up in the bottle, we filled it with water to empty it, dumped it out and poured in a little Southern Comfort, and it worked even better.>
StarChaser, May 05 2001

       You can get the same effect that StarChaser described by spraying something flammable into an empty soda can and lighting the opening
AfroAssault, May 09 2001

       Sort of. No blue ring, and rarely a 'whoot'.   

       StarChaser Juvenile Amateur Pyrotechnician Tyger
StarChaser, May 09 2001, last modified May 10 2001

       I tried to recreate the pop can thing and wound up setting the carpet on fire...oops...but it did go Whoot! and there was a blue ring. And lots of fire.
AfroAssault, Jun 05 2001

       Wouldn't these hinder beer consumption? C'mon, people! That's a fishbone offence right there!
adhib, Feb 08 2002

       As noted, floating candles are baked. I've also seen floating 'candles' that were really just floating wicks, burning the oil they were floating in.
phoenix, Feb 08 2002

       If you live in Minnesota, US; I hope your bottle is big enough to hold at least 21 candles. It would probably have to be a 40 oz. rather than a pint bottle,but even then the bottle would be so clogged with candles the thought of drinking out of it would be ridiculous.   

       Hmmm. Maybe if you could put LED's or fireflies in beer bottles...
gastronaut, Jul 18 2002


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