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Flower-Power Suit

Put on the suit, and instant roses!
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You could buy special suits in stores that are filled with dirt. Plastic on the inside, dirt in the middle, and a biodegradable clear substance on the outside. The dirt can come in different colors and is filled with the water and nutrients the seed inside will need to grow. Your choice of roses, daises, poppies, or petunias. All flowers short-stemmed.
verobay, Jul 11 2000

Gene Pool http://www.kodak.co...hotosGrassBus.shtml
Performance artist in his grass suit in front of his grass bus. [jutta, Jul 11 2000]

Guy in a Grass Suit http://memorybanque.com/grasuit.jpg
Berkeley, September 1999 [jutta, Jul 11 2000]


       A cheaper alternative - and for those who can't stand the weight of a full suit - soil filled boots, together with your choice of climbing plants!
Lemon, Jul 11 2000

       I can't find any online pictures of it, but David Byrne (formerly of the Talking Heads) had a suit made of living grass. (You may have seen him wearing it on David Letterman once.)
etrigan, Jul 11 2000

       Good scary read while you're waiting for the roses to grow: Jeff Noon, "Pollen".
jutta, Jul 15 2000

       One could have a Chia-hat with that ensemble. You'd be a big hit whenever salads are served.
snooks, Jun 27 2001

       So THAT'S where Tuxedo Mask gets all his roses.
nick_n_uit, Jun 27 2001

       I once saw an incredible piece of art at the EAG. It was a large wall hanging made completely out of rose petals and little pindot silver pins attaching them that swept down to the floor and gave (me) the impression of a beautiful old movie sequined dress with a swish swish kaklink kaklinky train. As you entered and left the small room it was in (one with a balcony "of sorts") you could smell it. Amazingly beautiful. Esp. for the EAG (mostly junk).   

       I like performance/conceptual art + I liked this piece = I like your idea.
thecat, Jun 24 2003

       To water and fertilize your suit you have to pee in your pants etc.? I'm weired, but not that weired.
kbecker, Jun 24 2003


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