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Fuzzy Belly Jumpsuits

Cute and cuddly baby style, but in adult sizes
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Pull the one-piece over your head and snap it along your inseam from ankle to ankle. Let your belly hang out and look as cute as the toddlers do.
kaeru, Mar 01 2006

Fuzzy Belly Jumpsuits http://photos1.blog...5/1600/nudesuit.jpg
[Warning: mature content, in a way that only sexually explicit pink felt can really pull off.] [DrCurry, Mar 01 2006]


       I have no idea what you mean by this. If you are covered head to toe then how does your belly hang out?
migennes, Mar 01 2006

       don't be silly!
po, Mar 01 2006

       [DrC], *where* did you find that?
wagster, Mar 01 2006

       still a shocking link that [DrC], first seen on Multiply.   

       [kaeru] - do you mean a rompersuit for adults? I've heard these kind of things could be bought in fetish shops.   

       Move along now, nothing to see here.
jonthegeologist, Mar 01 2006

       wag: some blog I subscribe posted if as a "good grief" sort of thing.
DrCurry, Mar 01 2006

       I was thinking in terms of fashion, not fetish. Now I'm feeling disturbed.
kaeru, Mar 02 2006

       This hole thing just bothers me.
zigness, Mar 02 2006

       If your head was hidden, and you painted a face with a bird's beak on your belly, you could run around terrifying people like a character out of an Hieronymus Bosch painting.
xenzag, Mar 02 2006

       More so than dressing up in anatomically explicit jumpsuits in the first place? Not sure.
DrCurry, Mar 02 2006

       I would try to express my heartfelt disgust, but I doubt it could be properly conveyed through English.
jellydoughnut, Mar 03 2006

       Glxit nag fibble-dee-gahgh! Habbado-dah-dak...   

       I believe that gibberish fully describes both my confusion and disgust. Glixt, I say!
notmarkflynn, Mar 03 2006

       [rcarty], all weiners are artificial, even the vegetarian ones.
normzone, Mar 03 2006

       I was thinking of something more along the lines of;   

jellydoughnut, Mar 03 2006


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