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Illuminated Waistcoat

For light where there was no light before
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Ever find yourself walking in some dimly lit area, or with a need to distinguish yourself from a crowd? If not, then you would probably have no use for an illuminated waistcoat.

A combination of some surreptitiously placed LEDs, thin and lightweight batteries and a dimmer switch handily concealed as a button or toggle ensure that you will never find yourself lacking for lighting again.

hidden truths, Dec 01 2007

Illuminated jacket http://enlighted.com/pages/flamej.shtml
...among other things. [phoenix, Dec 01 2007]

Retroreflective pinstripes Retroreflective_20pinstripes
Another idea for visibility in low light levels [hippo, Dec 03 2007]

EL panels would be thinner... http://www.electrol..._jJACFQ4iQgodAEttug
...though 160V drive requirements might mean you wouldn't want to be out too long in the rain. [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 03 2007]


       This gets my vote, however, I would be afraid of being a moving target in the dark.
Jscotty, Dec 03 2007

       Needs Lumalive (tm).
4whom, Dec 03 2007

       Is it possible to use this technology to pass like ships in the night. (you know... port red, starboard green)
4whom, Dec 03 2007

       ... negotiuum perambulans in tenebris .....
8th of 7, Dec 03 2007


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