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Fluffy's Flummox

Naughty nothings for Nibbles
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Looks like it's about time for a line of erotic clothing marketed to people with really bad senses of humor and zoophiles. Let the cries of disgust commence.

Beat you to it, [benfrost].

Eugene, Mar 26 2004


       He's easier to beat when he's not here, yes?
bristolz, Mar 26 2004

       Well, yes. But I figured that somebody had to take up the slack in bad taste.
Eugene, Mar 26 2004

       I'm sure [benfrost] would have provided a far more entertaining idea description with numerous examples of the merchandise that would be on show.   

       As it is, this idea just doesn't cut it. The name's dull, the description's desultory, and the whole thing fails to stimulate my bad taste organ, which remains flaccid and deeply unimpressed.
kropotkin, Mar 27 2004

       Guess you won't be participating in the nude olympics . . .
bristolz, Mar 27 2004

       Maybe if they have hang eleven surfing.
FarmerJohn, Mar 27 2004

       I'd put up some product descriptions, but I can't think of any. Just bear in mind that a bra on your pet would require eight cups.
Eugene, Mar 28 2004

       [Eugene]: //a bra on your pet would require eight cups//... My fish would disagree.
Cedar Park, Mar 29 2004

       perhaps a bit of waterproof stick-on glitter for your fish's scales, [Cedar]?
Eugene, Mar 29 2004

       Oh-h-h that's hittin below the belt.   

       But it's funnier than sh*t   

       If I had five fluffies, I'd give them to all of you.   

K-trein, Mar 30 2004

       Rumours of my flummize have been greatly fluffitized.
K-trein, Mar 30 2004

K-trein, Mar 30 2004


       Which brings something to mind--in a beastiality porno, the fluffer would have to be a bird, wouldn't it?   

       See, these are the kinds of thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools. The respectable ones anyway.
Eugene, Mar 30 2004


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