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Vicky's Secret

Victoria's Secret for the Kiddies
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Since childhood seems about to become obsolete, and children seem determined to dress exactly like adults...only more so...

The next logical step would appear to be a "Victoria's Secret"-style catalogue and boutique offering sexy lingerie in children's sizes.

Not saying I approve of this...but would not be surprised by it either.

goombah, Oct 07 2000

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       oh yeah, thats exactly what we need. nationally distributed child porn. thanks alot.
cybercyph, Oct 07 2000

       The question is...would Victoria's Secret have the chutzpah to do something like this? Manufacturing a product is one thing, as is Marketing. But dealing with the recoil or backlash is quite another. Some things are sacred.
thumbwax, Oct 07 2000

       What they said, but triple ! Or is this a clever idea to see how many negative votes you can obtain?
Alcin, Oct 08 2000

       Walk into a "Limited Too" store in your local shopping mall and see how close they really are to this idea...
koz, Oct 08 2000

       Could some do me a favor?! Go to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus, http://www.m-w.com/thesaurus.htm. Type in the word 'secret' and click the "Look it up" button. From the options which are presented to you select 'secret [noun]' and click the "Go To" button. Please confirm what I am seeing there. I think something is messed up in their system.
dgeiser13, Oct 10 2000

       Interesting. The dictionary is sane, but the thesaurus clearly has spent too much time on the web.   

       I sent an email to the Merriam-Webster support line, and got a reply back from Merriam-Webster associate editor Michael G. Belanger the next day; impressive. Here are some excerpts.   

       ``Yours is not the first enquiring mind that has wanted to know what the deal is with our thesaurus entry for the noun "secret." Horror and embarrassment are two typical reactions that people have had when they have stumbled upon the entry. First, let me assure you that the thesaurus entry is not a technical glitch, a joke, or a hoax. In the past visitors to our site have emailed us to tell us that hackers must have breached our firewall and created mischief. If only that were true.   

       ``Our on-line thesaurus is based on a print thesaurus that was first published in the mid 1970's. The editor in charge of it is now deceased. That editor was also well known for having a vocabulary that best fit the 18th century (or possibly earlier). From the 16th to 18th centuries "secrets" or "secret parts" were sometimes used for what we now more commonly call the "private parts." In the 1535 edition of the Bible by Miles Coverdale there is this use: "If...the wife put forth her hand, and take him by the secrets." I'll let you explore the Book of Deuteronomy to find what that is all about. In any event, we have no evidence of this use of "secret" since 1758.   

       ``What is really unfortunate is that this is the only use of the noun "secret" that our thesaurus shows. It is indeed difficult to believe that the editor thought that this obsolete use would be of greater interest and utility than the current sense we use everday. For a current synonym of the basic sense of "secret" try "confidence," which our on-line dictionary defines as "a communication made in confidence: secret." I could also suggest--but won't--the word "privity." Our unabridged "Webster's Third New International" records a sense of the word in which it is synonymous with "secret" and "confidence." The "International" properly notes that this sense of "privity" is obsolete. Apparently the idea that the genitals are secret was a popular one. "Privities" is another synonym for "genitalia" and of course our thesaurus duly notes it. The last example of this usage (that we know about) is from John Good's 1822 "Study of Medicine" : "The inflammations that are stated to have fallen upon the privities." I think that I'd see a doctor if I had those." ' '
jutta, Oct 10 2000, last modified Oct 11 2000

       E-Z to remove underclothes and crotchless panties may have benefits. Think of the eaze in removing street clothes before dressing down for gymn class and before school sporting events. Not to mention the speed with which one might return from a bathroom break.   

       Perhaps Velcro could be incorporated into the design, then kids who aren't adept at tying knots could still rejoice in this new line of clothing. I am envisioning a, "No more bunny around the tree" line of lingerie.
IBBen, Oct 12 2000

       This'll take the fun out of asking for children's sizes to see the clerk's reaction...
AfroAssault, Oct 19 2000

       you are all crazy. crazy!! especially ibben: i'm sorry we put our children out so by asking them to learn how to operate simple articles of clothing...i mean i know it's technical and complicated, but...sheesh. and goombah!! i dislike you. i am guessing you are a pederast.
lyse, Nov 19 2000

       it's pretty sad that we're in the year 2000, but are regressing to Puritan times by dressing our children like mini adults, or worse yet, teenagers. Though I'm not saying that all, or even most teenagers dress in these whorish clothes. Who can we thank for 4 year olds dressing like hookers, but...   

       Brittany Spears...
DreamGoddess, Nov 29 2000

       Gross. There's nothing sexy about rolling over and feeling G.I. Joe's arm in your back. There's nothing sexy about Star Wars sheets or pulling Bubble Yum out of braces.
rachele, Dec 02 2000

       I say, let little girls be little girls! They'll grow up soon enough! Besides, Victoria's Secret type nightwear would not look good on a child's figure!
Sparki, Sep 26 2001

       Hey goombah, You say that you don't approve of this? Then why did you suggest it?
RealisticThinker, Jul 02 2003

       But what about grandma?
babyloon, Jul 04 2003

Ossalisc, Mar 24 2004

       Whoa, this is why the world is NOT like in the book: "Oryx and Crake" read it, child prostitution is legal, this is like child softcore porn being made legal. I'm not in favor of this, in other words, YOUZ GOT BONED!   

       He who smelt it, dealt it...
Eugene, Mar 27 2004

       wow, -75!
david_scothern, Jun 15 2004


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