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Madge's Mystery

Lingerie boutique for the average woman.
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I know that the body types you see in the Victoria's Secret catalog and commercials do exist in the real world but I would bet the majority of women do not shop at Victoria's Secret either because of the stigma associated with that place or maybe the type of stuff you find there just doesn't work for them.

Madge's Mystery is the boutique for the 'average' woman who you typically don't find in magazines, tv or the movies and caters to the needs of the 'average' women. There are sexy clothes for 'average' size women and nice things (not spectacular) that those women like. Perhaps White Shoulders perfume?

Obviously if this idea has merit it needs to be fleshed out more. Or maybe I just need some more sleep.

dgeiser13, Oct 10 2000

Our Madge http://www.widemedi...24/news0001142.html
[hippo, Oct 10 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       a.k.a. J.C. Penny
blahginger, Oct 10 2000

       Maybe 'Amy Surplus' for women, no?
BigThor, Oct 12 2000

       <giggles!> 'Amy Surplus'...I like that...   

       Dunno how they can call it 'Victoria's SECRET', pretty much everybody knows by now...
StarChaser, Oct 12 2000

       Issue a HIS card, that would level the quality of purchases to a less imaginative average. I could see "His Madge's Mystery Service" -- a kind of ditto delivery for frequently ordered scanties.
reensure, Oct 12 2000

       I'm wondering if this would be a rather tactless source of Christmas/Birthday gifts for your loved one - "You got me Victoria's Secret last year and this year you got me Madge's Mystery - Are you trying to tell me something?".
hippo, Oct 13 2000

       Nothing of merit to add, just wanted to point out the amusement value of the last annotation, juxtaposed with the annotater's name...
StarChaser, Oct 15 2000

       madge's mystery? how perfectly awful. as if to embrace averageness. ugh. ugh i say. give me fabulous! give me insanity and madness and all sorts of ostentation! give me ridiculous, give me magnifique!! madge's mystery? how dreadfully plodding.
lyse, Nov 20 2000

       I personally find merit in the idea! This is America and we should all have the choice to please our men without loosing self confidence, just because everything is to tight for us!
misa hornee, Nov 28 2000

       SO VERY BAKED -- go to your favorite search engine and type: "plus size lingerie" ...There are literally thousands of sites that carry petit-thru-plus sizes on their entire line.   

       I know you're talking about a boutique... there are several major chains (i.e., The Avenue) that specialize in plus sizes and designer lines.
danrue, Nov 29 2000

       Hey [StarChaser]! What are you trying to say? :-)
hippo, Dec 21 2000

       ...just big boned...
Detly, Dec 22 2000

       "...she's not heavy, she's my sister!"
iuvare, Dec 26 2000

       "Madge's Mystery" could also be the name of a chain of lingerie stores selling Madonna's underwear - pointy bras and so on.
hippo, Jan 08 2001

       Like her underwear <or indeed, any other part of her body> is a mystery...
StarChaser, Jan 09 2001

       Talking about womens underwear is Funny. What if thier was a Victorias secret for men? That would change the issue of sexy underwear for sure.
chupacabra, Jan 26 2002

       [chupacabra] - Click on "Victor's Secret" above - in the list following "fashion:underwear". There you go...
TeaTotal, Jan 26 2002

       His last annotation was Jan 22 2001, so I'm guessing no.
krelnik, Jan 27 2003

       I miss [General Washington] a lot; he was very clever. Come back, General!
snarfyguy, Jan 27 2003

       Well, Madge is an odd name I don't hear often and when I did it was in the Play picnic and the Madge in there is FAR from Average looking.   


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