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Elbow Flush

Toilet that flushes via elbow motion
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On a never ending mission to avoid washing my hands, it occurred to me that, upon urinating in a sitting position, the bottle neck event that necessitates hand washing is the touching of the hand to the toilet flushing handle. Those levers on public toilets can be stepped on if you are agile enough but don't seem to be designed for it.

What about a lever designed to be activated by your elbow? In a sitting position your elbow is already right there. And, voila, you save on soap.

JesusHChrist, Jul 15 2014

Groom of the stool http://en.wikipedia.../Groom_of_the_stool
Or get someone to do it for you ... [8th of 7, Jul 15 2014]


       But when I lick my elbow I'll get germs and die. (JK). Okay, not a bad solution. I'll give you a sterile bun for the thought.
blissmiss, Jul 15 2014

       I prefer those robot sensors that tell when you have lifted off, then flush overviolently, spraying you with feculent water and bits of toilet paper. At least those are your own germs that have come out of you. And they can go back in. The Circle of Life.
bungston, Jul 15 2014

pocmloc, Jul 15 2014


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