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Floor-Flush Toilet

Put the valve on the floor
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Make the valve on all manual flush public toilets into a foot switch that initiates the flushing action. I hate to touch the handle and thus use my foot to press it. Why do a balancing act when I don't have to?
Colonel Panic, Sep 13 2002

(?) the composting version http://www.sierraso...ore/ct_twopiece.htm
Searching for "foot flush" provides an amazing amount of info you don't need to know. [rbl, Sep 13 2002]

the rv version http://www.thetford..._generalservice.cfm
just for good measure [rbl, Sep 13 2002]


       baked. on ships and some public restrooms, usually just a foot lever. I'll look for a link.
rbl, Sep 13 2002

       it's great, when you search for toilet flush you also get a bunch of references back to the bakery!
rbl, Sep 13 2002

       At ease, Colonel. Frankly, you didn't do your due diligence, didya son? It -- it's alright. Don't be too hard on yourself. There there. But we can fix this. What about a toilet that blows a great spasm of water *onto* the floor? This would be useful for public toilets, wouldn't it, for Noahing away all the feces and needles at the end of a night? Or even better, a toilet which flushes and just keeps flushing, right over the top of the bowl, spiling its ah *guts* all over the flushers' suede brothelcreepers? Why not post that? Sure a bright boy like you could find a pretext for that.
General Washington, Sep 14 2002

       How about going one step further and suggesting infra-red sensors that flush automatically when you walk away from the toilet?
Mr Burns, Sep 17 2002

       Oops. As they exist already (just not very easy to find) I stand corrected. I will now take myself to the nearest can and self-administer swirlie. I just hope that it is not one of General Washington's *ahem* colourful versions.
Colonel Panic, Sep 17 2002

       Anyone prepared to bogwash himself for any reason is a fundamentally decent human being in my book, and welcome to try his hand at wooing my daughters.
General Washington, Sep 17 2002

       No, but I do turn on the taps with my elbows...
Colonel Panic, Sep 19 2002

       I ALWAYS stand on the seat and squat so as not to have to expose my pristine derriere to the potential science project that is the average public bog seat. Or is that too much information?
briandamage, Sep 19 2002

       <Motty> Interestingly enough, squatting (rather than sitting) is the most effective and least strenuous way to drop the kids off at the pool. </Motty>
calum, Sep 19 2002


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