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Flushless Toilet

For use in area with no sewage system, and disasters
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I have no idea if this idea would actually help, but...

It's hard to describer. Think of a box that has a pull out drawer at the bottom, with a slide on cover that has a hinge in the middle, so that when it's inside the box half the top is covered, with the other half folding up. That's what the crap goes into, and when it's full the person folds down the top and pulls out the tray carefully, sliding the top over as they do so, so that when they pull it out fully it is covered over, trapping the smell and sewage inside for Hygiene.

Above this tray is another cover, which normally covers the waste. The persons waste lands on this, until they finish and pull a lever, at which point it is dumped into the tray. Alternatively, it could recede into the side, scraping the crap off in the proccess and dumping it in the tray. When they have done this, a spring pulls/pushes it back into place, trapping the waste inside.

Selky, Aug 18 2009

(?) Introducing the amazing Shit Box http://www.thebrowncorporation.com
[tatterdemalion, Aug 18 2009]

The 'Earth Closet' or 'Composting Toilet' is similar to this http://www.google.c...oset&meta=&aq=f&oq=
[hippo, Aug 18 2009]

The "Close stool" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close_stool
Remember to put the lid down after. [TheLightsAreOnBut, Aug 19 2009]

This might help... http://www.lmgtfy.c...q= Flushless+Toilet
[ldischler, Aug 19 2009]


       just simply not a new idea. This is how composting and chemical toilets work. Dry toilets are as baked an idea as they come.
WcW, Aug 19 2009

       This is not a composting toilet, as the waste is removed everyday, not left to compost. It's not a chemical toilet either.
Selky, Aug 19 2009

       have you got more detail on how
//scraping the crap off
will be effective enough to keep the inside of the toilet clean and smell-free sans chemicals?

       As well as chemical and composting toilets, there are electric or gas incinerating toilets, and at the top end of the cost scale, there are waste-to-tap toilets. I know because my daughters just made me read them an "all about toilets" library book as bedtime story. Lovely.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Aug 19 2009

       a bedpan then.
WcW, Aug 19 2009

       // a bedpan then.   

       Oh yes, this is the next version up - they called it a "close stool" (linky). I forgot about that. Apparently they used to paint the faces of unpopular people (such as the English king who tried to tax the American colonies) in the bottom of the pot inside the stool.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Aug 19 2009


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