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Grey Noise

A Small Audio Device to Emit Bathroom Sounds
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Too quiet to concentrate?

For those with a shy bladder, this small device when pressed will emit soothing urination, defication, and accompanying sounds so loud that you will not be heard as you relieve yourself.

StAndrew, Apr 02 2002

Japanese Toilet http://slashdot.org...48240.shtml?tid=126
Some Japanese toilets already allow the user to mask the sound of their exertions with a pre-recorded flushing noise [hippo, Apr 03 2002]


       sp: defecation
bristolz, Apr 02 2002

       Could the audio track also cover intervals of horrific screaming and miserable weeping? Thanks a bunch.
spartanica, Apr 02 2002

       "Soothing urination and defecation sounds", you mean you have not bought the CD yet?
dag, Apr 02 2002

       John Tesh's latest release
thumbwax, Apr 03 2002

       When you got a boombox with a recording of farting, place the speaker over the toilet bowl and it will sound more realistic.
Amishman35, May 29 2002


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