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Broken toilet sensors

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If toilet water is above nominal level (water sensor) after flushing for one minute, then the toilet is clogged. Thus toilet is broken.

If no water flow is detected (water flow sensor and button sensor) after pressing a button, then water tank is broken.

If water flow is detected (water flow sensor and button sensor) without pressing button then toilet is broken.

If toilet roll is near empty or empty, then toilet is unusable. Thus toilet is broken.

If toilets next to it is used often, but this toilet is not used much. Then this toilet is likely to be dirty. Thus toilet is broken.

If toilet is broken, then alert somebody to fix it ASAP (via mobile, or ethernet, whatever).

mofosyne, Jun 11 2014


       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [mofosyne]! I see this is your firs—WHAA?   

       So you're no longer [Akimbomidget]. Wow. That's gonna confuse me for a while.
ytk, Jun 11 2014

       yup... Formally known as "A Kimbo Midget" { mofo :~ refer to urban dictionary } { syne :~ Scottish for 'since' }   

       As usual, it doesn't have to make sense. Sense? I don't make it.
mofosyne, Jun 11 2014

       What's the idea, oh [myofosyneAkimbomidget]? I don't comprehendo.
blissmiss, Jun 11 2014

       I think it's a cry for help - but from a toilet. [+]
pertinax, Jun 11 2014

       Never heard of that before. But I trust your wisdom. I'll shadow your +
blissmiss, Jun 11 2014

       What if the sensor is broken?
RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2014

pertinax, Jun 11 2014

       If the sensor is broken then it is working. If it is working then it must be broken.
pocmloc, Jun 11 2014

       This is very strange.   

       Even for the Halfbakery.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2014

       BUT, nomatter what the problem is the annunciator only says "check toilet", leaving you to call a professional to diagnose it.
DIYMatt, Jun 12 2014

       What [Max] said.
blissmiss, Jun 13 2014


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