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Fly For Me

ah yes Mr & Mrs Jones, here are your seats.....
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Often i have advance booked flights & holidays in order to get good discounts. but, working as a consultant there have been quite a few times i have had to cancel my plans & have got zero (or nearly zero) refunds for cancelllations. The tickets are always untransferable & they use your passport to check that you are the name on the ticket.

We need a website that allows you to auction off your tickets to same named folks who live in roughly the same area.

i accept that such a site would be great for me & all the other Andy Jones's (there is one sat next to me in the office today), but would be useless for Mr Xeon Pxylzart.
mymus, Jun 17 2002


       Why do they need to live in the same area? Auction them off to anyone who's prepared to make it to the airport (e.g. Would I drive from Glasgow to London to get a plane from Heathrow to New York rather than Glasgow if I saved £200 on the cost of the flight? You betcha I would!)
goff, Jun 17 2002

       true, true. i put "roughly the same area", but your right. i might pay to fly to amsterdam if someone was auctioning a round the world ticket that started there.
mymus, Jun 17 2002

       Do we have any statisticians around? I'd like to see the odds, generally speaking.
phoenix, Jun 17 2002

       I'd let the high bidder take my other half and my credit card, too. No, wait! Shucks.
reensure, Jun 20 2002

       can extend the site for unwanted monogrammed gifts too. what am i bid for a blue XL bathrobe, with AJ on it ?
mymus, Jun 20 2002

       There are 8 Andrew Smiths working in my 1000 strong organisation.
stupop, Jun 20 2002

       There's one other person with my real name who works for IBM, and I've seen a license plate for an Isuzu dealer with the same name, plus if I ego-search, I find several famous ones...
StarChaser, Jun 21 2002

       I think I am the only one of my name about (I have never met another). Although I have meet at least 100 different way of spelling my name, so there may be one of the other combinations about. What we really need is transport providers to act like other businesses so you only pay for what you get (the classic example being the British Rail ticket which legally entitled you to nothing except allowing you to stand on the platform). The only problems are the rules set by Goverment imigration departments who demand to know where everyone is at any given moment, as if they could do something with the information. Get it past them and your onto a winner, so [-] as it will never happen.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 26 2009


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