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Learner Ticket Machines

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At many train and bus stations there are now automatic, coin and note operated ticket machines. These are excellent, as long as you either know how to use them, or arrive when there is no mob of rush hour, impatient commuters.

What is obviously needed are clearly marked learner machines, to which the novice goes with their money. When used correctly, these dispense a special token that can be inserted into the "real" machine, instantly returning the right ticket. (this is to ensure that regular, experienced users do not opt to use the novice machine to jump the queue)

xenzag, Feb 15 2010


       I love the idea of speeding up the queue for my ticket. But why would it be any better than a normal machine?   

       Most people I see struggling can't even figure out the touch-screen... "so i press here???"
tmassey101, Feb 15 2010

       They're the ones who go to the Learner Machine!
xenzag, Feb 15 2010


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