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Breeze Thru Turnstiles Like Never Before!
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Ever perform a juggling routine at the train turnstile as you extract your Metrocard from your wallet, running it through the scanner (multiple times!!), returning it to your wallet, while carefully positioning your book, attache case, newspaper, packages et. al. all the while vigilant for erstwhile pickpockets and hoodlums?

As a patron of the NYC public transportation system, my onerous commute can be made somewhat easier with the introduction of a RFID system implemented by way of having the Metrocards chipped and installing scanners in the turnstiles.

This will also reduce the amount of cards which are lost or stolen, as one will simply leave it in their pocket or purse and never have the oppurtunity to remove it and lose it.

Linuxthess, Sep 25 2005

Speedpass for Subways http://cache.techno.../schwartz1202.0.asp
This December 2002 article states that RFID SmartTrip speedpasses are already being market tested for the Metro Washington DC transit system and would be in use on the London Underground by 2004. [jurist, Sep 25 2005]




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