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Flying Toy

Water pressured flying toy
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In additon to 2 fries short of a happy meal's post (W.F.O)

See link flying toy

You could take this type of flying toy and make the body out of a more durable material such as plastic and run a circular water vein around the diameter and connect a garden hose to vein .

The water vein has pressure holes (Large tube, small opening) every centimeter running along the outside of the toy.

The pressure holes point in a spiral direction in which it will shoot water out of the holes in order to get the toy spinning and airborne.

Like you said a Nintendo like controller could possibly control the direction of the pressure holes in order to fly it around. OR it could control fins or whatever works in order fly it to optimum performance.

Like you said the controller could also control a release valve that works as a “water cannon” in which kids can fly the craft and aim the water cannon at their friends at the same time.

If this worked it would create a giant spiral of water, which would not only be fun and look cool, but it would do a good job of watering your lawn.

A helicopter version would be good.

If you really went overboard you seriously use it to water your lawn by setting in your lawn perimeter coordinates and have it automatically fly around and water your lawn. (As seen with those robotic lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners)

Kcsolutions123, Aug 28 2005

(?) flying toy http://images.googl...0%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D
spin this toy using water from a hose [Kcsolutions123, Aug 28 2005]

US patent 4,274,591 http://v3.espacenet...C&IDX=US4274591&F=0
Water propelled hover device [xaviergisz, Aug 29 2005, last modified May 21 2008]

Human powered water copter and coming up next: the actual thing! [pashute, Apr 03 2011]

(?) Human powered water copter http://www.popsci.c...ter-powered-jetpack
the real thing [pashute, Apr 03 2011]


       I can't find it now, but I recall seeing for a water-powered flying spinning Barbie. Or maybe it was Little Mermaid. Not having any girls, forgive me if my memory for girls' toys is less than complete.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2005

       Hmm. I’ll have to do a search. I wonder if the toy was somewhat successful
Kcsolutions123, Aug 28 2005

       I couldnt find anything on the flying Barbie.   

       It would be difficult for this flying toy to take flight connected to a heavy garden hose.   

       Maybe the flying toy should come with a its own lightweight hose.   

       I would imagine this flying toy could be dangerous in some situation and would have to be made out of the safest materials possible.
Kcsolutions123, Aug 28 2005

       Nice find Xaviergisz.   

       Although that invention is not remote controlled; the more I think about it, the RC might be a little unnecessary.. Would be fun though. :) :(
Kcsolutions123, Aug 29 2005

       I tried three times to build a working prototype before real life intervened.
The water pressure to weight ratio is a real bugger without math.

       Good luck. (+)   

       Ah yes the water pressure to weight ratio is what I dread facing... trying to build this will be fun.   

       Thanks for the spark of imagination 2fries . Ill let you know if the bird takes flight.
Kcsolutions123, Sep 02 2005

       At my house, the sprinklers are on a seperate circuit from house (and garden hose). The sprinklers deliver serious pressure, easily making geysers 20 feet tall when the plastic fails. They would deliver more lift than house pressure.
bungston, Sep 02 2005

       And boy do the neighborhood kids love to kick those sprinkler heads off. (Use to happen all the time where I use to live) :)   

       That pressure would be good for those accessible to it, and I’m not sure how this device would hook up to those lines. I could hook the flying water toy into a pressure washer, which would probably send the toy into space, but not everybody has one.   

       This is why I would like to have this device hook into a standard house garden hose.
Kcsolutions123, Sep 02 2005


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