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Mini Cypher

Scare your alien fearing neighbors with the glow in the dark version
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About the size of a frisbee with counterotating blades withing a protective shell/air tank, powered like the Air-Hogs Compressed air airplanes in the U.S.. Can be thrown, bounced around, or just watch it do crazy stunts due to its inherent instability. Also Comes in radio controlled gas powered versions with unprotected blades for those "problem children". The gas powered version can also be used to remove those pesky neightbors who mow their lawns at 6 am on saturday.
HMav, Sep 20 2002

Cypher UAV http://www.edwards....98/cover/cypher.htm
The drone, not a code or digit. Combines "the efficiency of a ducted airstream with a coaxial advancing blade concept rotor system". [jutta, Sep 21 2002]

Two more Cypher action shots. http://users.chario...burfs/URcypher.html
Damn, now I want one. [jutta, Sep 21 2002]

Mention of proposed 3-ft Mini-Cypher http://www.uavforum...opmental/cypher.htm
[jutta, Sep 21 2002]


       Not sure you've quite hit the tone of the Halfbakery there, HMav. We're pretty socially responsible around here. Why not have a look around for a while.
General Washington, Sep 20 2002


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