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Flying With Animals

let me sleep with cats dogs and horses
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Flying can be a total pain these days, for a million reasons, many of which are to do with the various activities of one's fellow passengers.

As a solution to this I want to have the option of travelling in that section of the plane that houses any animals which are being transported.

xenzag, Mar 26 2011

nytimes: PDF: A dog and man fight in England http://query.nytime...AAB178CD85F408784F9
A riveting piece of journalism unprecedented today. [rcarty, Mar 27 2011]

Wow, I had no idea... That_20Place_20That_20Ships_20Cats
[normzone, Mar 30 2011]


       What's in the cage?
Odd creature...a xenzag.
ldischler, Mar 26 2011

       First-class galley area?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 26 2011

       *Any* animals? You may wind up sleeping with the fishes.
mouseposture, Mar 26 2011

       Yeah, being in a cage for say...6 hours, doesn't sound like a very good solution to having disruptive seat mates. Put them in a cage, and then you would have my vote.
blissmiss, Mar 26 2011

       Last time I looked, shipped animals were transported in the pressurized but unheated cargo hold. (I wanted to ship a cat, and was told it could only be done on warm days. (The bozos on the shipping dock told me that I needed an acclimatization certificate to even do that--I tried to tell them that said certificate was to allow cold-weather exceptions for sled dogs, but I might as well have been talking to the cat.)) You'll find it very cold and dark, even on a warm day, and hellish cold any other day. And always noisy.   

       Bon voyage.
baconbrain, Mar 26 2011

       Meow to that!
blissmiss, Mar 26 2011

       I can think of nothing nicer than sleeping in a cage full of nice warm cats. I'll take my chances with the cold and dark, and everything else in there. Just keep me away from the nightmare of drunks, screaming children, endless trolleys of swill trundling up and down, queues outside the toilets etc etc.
xenzag, Mar 26 2011

       Good grief, [xenzag], you're not travelling economy???
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 26 2011

       I am disappointed.   

       When I read the title I thought it might be about flying people... maybe duct-taping live chickens to ones arms... so like... if one flaps their arms vigorously enough, the chickens would become alarmed and then THEY would start flapping their wings... presto-chango, a flying nitwit.   

       Or something.   

Grogster, Mar 27 2011

       On the contrary... many planes are divided in half to take cargo, including animals (I recently learned of someone who was shown horses in "the other half". I see no reason why I cannot elect to travel with animals. I prefer the company of animals, especially cats, to that of most people. I don't care how cold it is, but I don't see why it would be cold at all.   

       Perhaps I should show up dressed in a kangaroo suit for my next flight.
xenzag, Mar 27 2011

       // many planes are divided in half to take cargo //   

       Not in most airliners used for the majority of people transporting. (I've ridden in helicopters where I had to sit on the cargo, but that was in a disaster area.) The holds under the floor are used for luggage and sometimes for cargo containers, but I think you'll find that in the US, most packages and cargo are transported on dedicated package/cargo planes.   

       The cat-shipping I referred to was out of Washington, DC. The cat would have been carried under the floor, not in the back of the cabin. (And when I tried to travel myself, with the cat as carry-on, I was told that only one animal could be carried on for the entire flight--I had to get permission ahead of time, as no other pets could be carried by anyone else (not even by me (I'd need two trips for two cats (and couldn't bring even one if somebody else showed up first (the bastards (the other passengers (not the cats (well, their parents weren't married (the cats, I mean) but they were brother and sister (does that count (outside of Arkansas, I mean (nothing personal, Arkansas (whoever is reading this to the Arkansawyers please reassure them I mean no harm (and point out that I knew not to call them Arkansans (thanks))))?))))))))).   

       // I can think of nothing nicer than sleeping in a cage full of nice warm cats. //   

       Erm, ... a cage full of shrieking, sweating, shedding, shitting, pissing and puking cats, more like.
baconbrain, Mar 27 2011

blissmiss, Mar 27 2011

       // I can think of nothing nicer than sleeping in a cage full of nice warm cats. //   

       Do you actually want to know how much trouble you are in, or shall we just kill you without prior warning ?   

       // drunks, screaming children, //   

       Chidren are much worse than drunks.   

       // endless trolleys of swill trundling up and down, //   

       Swill ? Have they improved the catering that much ?   

       // queues outside the toilets //   

       Pepper spray through the gaps round the door. Never fails.   

       // The cat would have been carried under the floor //   

       Attached to the undercarriage with ziploc ties ? Yes, we would go with that.   

       // many planes are divided in half to take cargo //   

       Dividing a plane in half is known to have deleterious effects on its aerodynamic performance, and is considered a Bad Thing by the majority of pilots.   

       It is a proven and tested fact that, provided with a sutable safety harness, dogs can travel quite happily in light aircraft, and are entirely unaffected by their experience.   

       It is a proven and tested fact that cats can travel in light aircraft*, right up to the point where they are disposed of through the navigator's window hatch.   

       *the best form of "safety harness" for a cat in a light aircraft is one improvised from duct tape. It is much safer for the crew if the cat is fully wrapped in duct tape to prevent it dashing around and scratching the occupants. Leaving the tail free provides a convenient handle for subsequent disposal.
8th of 7, Mar 27 2011

       8th, you always leave me begging for oxygen.
dentworth, Mar 29 2011

       Good grief, [xenzag], you're not travelling commercial???
methinksnot, Mar 31 2011

       //begging for oxygen// Good grief, [dentworth], what class are you flying?
spidermother, Apr 09 2011


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