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Foam Padding

For drivers-in-learning
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The horror of a driver-in-training. The screams of the tires, the brakes. The bumps and scratches from close calls. The worst, the dents from trying to park.

Large dorky pads to hand around the sides, front and back to cushion any mishaps, and to alert other drivers that the current driver is in training.

Holes cut for lights and the grille. Removable for other drivers.

Like a giant foam car bra. Or something.

DesertFox, Jul 09 2005


       Driving lessons should take place in giant bumper cars.
spiritualized, Jul 16 2005

       Who would ever thake these off? Not me! Aerodynamics be damned! Large dorky foam bun for you,[Dfox].
bungston, Jul 16 2005


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