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R.D.T At 64

R.D.T stands for retake driving test.(at 64)
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Has this ever occured to you, when you are driving along the road,when a O.A.P backs out of their drive and nearly backs into you? Or erratic Behaviour and unpredictable movements on the road.This would stop more accidents on the roads and would ensure drivers that they are safe.People especially with illnesses should retake thier driving test.
wkd_man, Nov 22 2002


       What is an "O.A.P?"   

       Since it is the young drivers who, statistically, account for the most traffic deaths, I think that a better effort would be to have those from, say, 16 through 25 re-take the drivers test each year.
bristolz, Nov 22 2002

       I dare any of you to go for a drive with my 70 y/o dad, no accidents yet bet it is better than any thrill ride at the amusement park.
rbl, Nov 22 2002

       In New Zealand, from the age of 75 you have to provide a medical certificate, and from the age of 80, supply a medical certificate and resit your license every two years.
Helium, Nov 23 2002

       An O.A.P is an old age pensioner.
wkd_man, Nov 23 2002

       That is a good idea bristolz, i too think that drivers should retake their driving test at 25.
wkd_man, Nov 23 2002

       <old fart>Watch it, you young 'uns. By the time you're my age I'll be an OAP and there'll be more of us than there will be of you. Any more of this nonsense and we'll be out in force driving at 20mph whenever you lot want to get anywhere.</old fart>   

       I'm reminded of a quote from I don't know where, which ran along the lines that no-one wants to be old until they get there, the alternative being what it is. Remember any restrictions placed on old people will apply to you before you've got time to wonder what the hell happened.
egbert, Nov 23 2002

       Ugly_joe it deppends weather they have a illness,if they had a illness it may cause them to drive faster,or go through a red light etc.
wkd_man, Nov 23 2002

       We can pick on old people (yay!). We can pick on naive young things. But the group of people that need retesting the most often, as anyone in britain will know, are... white van drivers.
sadie, Nov 25 2002

       Ha...i thought O.A.P stood for old a** person.
thedoubler2, Jun 09 2004


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