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Stunt License

Not for everyday use
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This idea owes it's existence to action movies. basically, it's an elite driving school where you can learn the fundamentals of stunt driving. It would still be mostly illegal to use any of the knowledge on the roads, because driving cars off ramps and stuff isn't very useful and it's dangerous, but in case of emergency the skills could be employed so that you can safely jump your car off the overpass and avoid collision. or something like that. It's just for safety.
schematics, Jul 09 2004

Stunt Driving School http://www.bobbyoresports.com/
[jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       just so that if you take evasive action and get pulled over, you can show your stunt license.
schematics, Jul 09 2004

       I appreciate the sentiment, but I can't think of any real-world situation that could be solved by stunt driving that would also necesitate showing your liscence.
5th Earth, Jul 09 2004

       Actually I've always thought it would be great to have some serious "emergency driving skills". Ya know, just in case.
swimr, Jul 09 2004


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