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Folding electric chair

Executions to go
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nuff said!
williamsmatt, Oct 06 2008

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       just reading this, there's another (less lethal) idea here, that of an actual electric folding chair. just press a button and it unfolds. but probably baked.
williamsmatt, Oct 06 2008

       I read the title and thought "wonder what the idea really is about"
FlyingToaster, Oct 06 2008

Voice, Oct 09 2008

       I got [m-f-d] for suggesting playing *musical electric chairs*!!
xandram, Oct 09 2008

       //nuff said!//   


nomocrow, Oct 09 2008

       Now, at least, we know why you want to colour-code everything. That bus you had to take had metal bars on the windows, didn't it? I hope your appeal works out well, if the glove don't fit, acquit
4whom, Oct 09 2008

       [+] (That's a Cross sign)   

       // Now can I have my gloves back?
//\^ (hit [Slash] [Slash] [Backslash] [Esc])
pashute, Apr 04 2013


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