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Grow a real fake beard or wig
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This idea is for a porous, skinlike film which can be stuck onto your own (smoothly shaved) skin. If you are creating a fake beard, you will shave first, then layer on the Follicles (R) membrane, and then wait until your natural hair grows and penetrates the membrane.

When your beard has reached the desired length, use a razor blade to carefully peel the film from your face, cutting the hair from beneath the film.

A laminating preservative is then applied to the underside of the film, to permanently anchor the hairs to the film. (You'd also better shave for real now, since removal of the film can leave you sloppy-looking.) The laminate also prevents future hairs from growing through and attaching themselves to the film.

You now have a real but removable beard! However, you may wish to visit a professional hairstylist to shape the hairpiece into a symmetric, well-designed style. When you're wearing it, it can be shaved just like any normal hair; but of course, after a mistake it will not grow back.

A similar product is needed for the top of the head. It will be a boon to men and women who are worried about future baldness and wish to pre-construct a natural-looking wig out of their own, natural-looking hair.

Unfortunately, our company cannot be responsible for problems resulting from the application of this product to sensitive areas of skin, such as on or near the reproductive regions of the human anatomy.

phundug, Jul 19 2004

Folly-cles http://www.funfolly.com/h/w/wigchr4.htm
Real human hair beards and moustaches. [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       you girls have all the fun.
po, Jul 19 2004


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