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Glow-in-the-dark Ponytail Fasteners

Luminous loveliness for your locks
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Yes, ponytail fasteners again! (they are to me what shoes were to a certain Imelda M., I guess). Ponytail fasteners that glow in the dark! Beautiful crystalline beads in both the round sphere shape and novelty shapes like stars, hearts, and cubes, these little beauties are a conversation starter. Perfect to wear to go clubbing!
Sparki, Sep 12 2001

shawnee http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/
[srfishing1000, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I have legitimate ideas and I don't see any reason to get slammed on
Sparki, Sep 13 2001

       Peter: They DO exist? Where do I get my mitts on some of those?
Sparki, Sep 13 2001

       Sparki - very first annotation I received read:
"thumbwax, you can do better than that (at least I hope you can)"
thumbwax, Sep 13 2001

       Why is everyone so down on this idea? It's fun, it's pretty. I've seen some pretty gross and stupid stuff elsewhere on this site - like processing cat poop into dog treats, and candy coated pieces of poop used as a prank "food," and the authors of THOSE ideas didn't get slammed on the way people are slamming on this. Lighten up! This site is supposed to be mainly for FUN! So it's not a cure for cancer! Who says EVERYTHING has to be serious?
Sparki, Sep 13 2001

       Blissmiss -- most guys wouldn't find the taste of goose poop very kissable
Sparki, Sep 13 2001

       I think it was the timing of your idea, rather than the specific contents Sparki. No one really felt like lightening up yesterday.
Lemon, Sep 13 2001

       Hellish. I slept 1/2 an hour last night.
thumbwax, Sep 13 2001

       not a bad idea - i just wouldn't want one... I don't usualy anotate fashion ideas anyway...
RobertKidney, Sep 13 2001

       I used to (smoosh to), have a large ponytail, and the best haircut that I ever had,was when I had it cut off.
March Hare, Sep 13 2001

       So, goose-poop flavoured lip gloss. Who's authenticating that one blissmiss? Just asking.
Blowin, Sep 13 2001

       Hey, Sparki--   

       Most of your ponytail fastener ideas already exist-- just check nearly any convenience store. Just leave us alone about them. Please??
Galileo, Sep 23 2001

       yes UB its seasonal affected disorder!
po, Dec 23 2001

       This was baked in the 80s, when glow-in-the-dark stuff was cool.
ywong, Sep 14 2003


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