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Font aliases

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Arial is a great font. Not just because it looks okay, but because its name starts with "A". This means it is always at the top of the Fonts menu in any application. Since it is more easily accessible than Times New Roman, I use it the most, even though I prefer Times New Roman aesthetically.

Word is nice to me: it puts my recently-used fonts at the top of the list. So I can switch back and forth with ease. But most apps don't do that.

So, I'd like the ability to "nickname" every font on my computer so (a) I remember which are the good ones and which are the stupid ones, and (b) the good ones are listed first.

Physically renaming a font would not be wise, since many programming language programs hard code the name of the font into the program. E.G. caption1.font = 'Arial'.

phundug, Aug 05 2003

Adobe Type Manager http://www.adobe.co...ducts/atm/main.html
Organize and load (and unload) sets of Postscript and Truetype typefaces. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       Entirely Baked.
DrCurry, Aug 05 2003

       Helvetica could be renamed Croifont.
wombat, Aug 05 2003

       Or wouldn't an interface where font names could be 'dragged' above or below others on the list be preferable?
motive power, Aug 05 2003


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