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Food cartridges

Dumbwaiter connected to oven and fridge
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Load a cartridge of food into an elevator at the ground floor and route it to a fridge.

When the food needs to be cooked, a smaller tray from the cartridge is ejected from the fridge and is routed to the train oven, which is like an oven wrapped around a train track. On the other side of the oven is a food dispenser which dispenses the food onto a plate.

Can subscribe to a set of meal plans who prepare food in a factory and bring it to your house and load it into the ground floor food cartridge slot.

Vertical trains take food cartridges to the fridge. Horizontal trains take food to the oven and to the food dispenser.

chronological, Feb 25 2020


       High quality food delivered to apartment buildings. Universities. Offices. But not per meal but in bulk.   

       I can imagine bread dough being delivered for freshly baked bread. Or a bread machine train?   

       Or if the trains can mix ingredients that would be even better.
chronological, Feb 25 2020

       Just like nuclear reactor rods, but for your stomach? Ah no, it's just for a fridge. :(
Mindey, Feb 25 2020

       This would be a new spec requirement for new buildings.   

       This is for bulk food delivery.
chronological, Feb 25 2020

       Soylent Green is people!   

       Can we get fries with that ?
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       //an oven wrapped around a train track// would waste a lot of heat at the ends, wouldn't it?
pertinax, Feb 27 2020

       pertinax, you could have doors at either end - i.e, the oven forms a sealed unit when the train parks in the oven.   

       Or have a train track that goes into a conventional oven and then has a U turn back out the oven. Or the train reverses out of the conventional oven.
chronological, Feb 29 2020

       I have a theory that this is "baked" by ordering bulk boxes of cans of baked beans (which are somewhat cartridge-like) via the Internet, delivered to one's door. However, since baking is not involved in my theory, it's possible I missed a step.
sninctown, Feb 29 2020

       This idea is that food wouldn't be delivered to your door but to a food entrance and loaded onto a train pulley system to transport to your fridge and shortly to the oven.
chronological, Feb 29 2020


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